Anjanet mPower Ink Dripping from Print Head



  • Nozzle check pattern has large gaps
  • Drops of ink appear on shirt when printing
  • Visible dripping from print head plate

Possible Causes:

  1. The print head surface may be dirty. Perform a print head clean 1 from the main menu followed by a nozzle check.
  2. Print head plates need to be wiped clean of any ink that has formed after the print head clean.
      • From the control panel, select <Maintenance Features>, <Carriage Control>, <Release Carriage>
      • Once the carriage has been released, move it to the center of the printer.
      • Using a lint free wipe, clean the print head plates gently from back to front. Do not use a paper towel as this may clog the nozzles with fibers.
      • Once the plates have been cleaned, select <Secure Carriage> from the main menu. Using a small mirror, under the carriage will help view any ink that needs to be cleaned.

    grate pic 1
  3. Wiper blade may be out of alignment and need to be raised. See technical document: TD&R Wiper Blade Adjustment.
  4. For mP5 printers your firmware may need to be updated to run a manual circulation function. This will remove any pressure in the lines that could be causing ink to drop from the print heads. Contact technical support for download and installation information


It is always a good idea to visit and log in with your customer information. Firmware and AnaRIP updates will be available for you to download when new features are available.

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