Anajet Mpower - Printing on dark garments


The dark colored garment printing principles are essentially the same as light garment printing with added procedures. Refer to the basic white garment printing process prior to learning the black garment printing process. This chapter addresses only those features unique to black garment printing. The basic process is as follows:

  1. Pre-treat the garment with  Pre-treatment Liquid. You only need to pretreat the area you will print on.
  2. Allow the pre-treatment to dry.
  3. Before printing press garment for 5 seconds to flatten and stray fibers and remove wrinkles.
  4. Place the dark garment on the Print Table.
  5. Send the print job from the PC, using the AnaJet AnaRIP program or load the print job from a USB drive.
  6. Press the <PRINT> button when the blue Print Ready LED lights up to print the white ink Undercoating. When white ink undercoating is completed the printer will then automatically print the color layer.
  7. Upon completion of the print, fix the ink onto the garment with a heat press or conveyer dryer. Dark garment printing with white ink is a more involved process than light garment printing. This is particularly true with the print image preparation and print settings.

It is very desirable for the operator to practice printing dark garments before he starts using the system for commercial printing of dark garments.

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