Refillable Cartridge Set For Epson 4880 Garment Printers

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This set of 8 refillable cartridges for Epson 4880 based garment printers, chip resetter and 5 funnels 

Using these cartridges with ink runs the risk of getting air in your lines and damaging your print head.

The Refillable Cartridges are loaded with single use chips that indicate solution level and can be reset with the included "chip resetter".  Every set of 8 cartridges also comes with 4 funnels.  Watch the video above to learn how to fill them and reset the chips.

Compatible with any Epson 4880 based garment printer including the iDot Garment Printer, NeoFlex Garment Printer, Melco G2 Garment Printer, Older Flexi-Jet Garment Printers, Fast T-Jet Blazer Pro and Express, MS1 Garment Printer, TexJet Garment Printers, Rainbow, the last model of Sawgrass Garment Printers and more.

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