DTG HM1 Cyan Ink Chip

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The is a DTG Cyan Ink Chip for the HM1 Kiosk and Eclipse Garment Printers based on the Epson 2400 series. They are able to be reset up to 400ml in 18-20ml increments and will give you way longer print times than the standard chips would. Remember to recharge/reset your "cyan" ink after 400 ml of ink usage.


*Service Tip -

Your DTG Kiosk will either have “dummy” ink cartridges (with the ink chips) positioned behind the dampers or it will have the ink chips on a small circuit board which is positioned underneath one of the black side covers of your printer. The ink chips in either case are “self-resetting” chips and should reset to read “full” when the printer is powered off and then on again.
If, however, you are printing a number of large prints in a run, the chips may start to read “low” (flashing Ink Light) or “empty” (solid Ink Light).

Individual Ink Lights flashing   Press the Ink Button briefly to move the Print Head into the “cartridge exchange” position, leave for 1 minute, and press the Ink Button to return the Print Head to the home position.  This should re-set the Ink Chip to read “full” again. 

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