Anajet DuPont Cartridges

THE SAME Dupont™ Artistri™ Ink Cartridges, ONLY FOR LESS!!

These Cartridges are Compatible with AnaJet Sprint, AnaJet FP-125, MelcoJet and TexMac Solo

Buy Ink for your AnaJet Sprint, Anajet FP-125, MelcoJet or Texmac Solo Garment printer in
110ml Cartridges or 220ml Cartridges. Whatever size you need, GPI has the best price and they're always in stock.

NEW Crystal Clear Cartridges with clear bags........Dare we say, the clear choice?

This is the "EXACT SAME" ink as "AnaBright" which is sold by AnaJet GPI ink cartridges work with all AnaJet and MelcoJet and Texmac Garment Printers inlcuding the AnaJet Sprint Digital Garment Printer, AnaJet FP-125, MelcoJet  and the TEXMAC Solo Garment Printer (and any other Epson 3000 Based Garment Printer.)  Using the exact same ink means no flushing, different profiles or changing just means more money in your pocket!!

ALL ORDERS over $150 include FREE UPS Ground, Shipped the same day and you can order all the way up to 4:30 EST.


The Best Ink Promotion EVER for your AnaJet or MelcoJet

Return 10 (of one size) empty GPI cartridges and get a FREE CMYK cartridge of the same size. read more

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  1. Anajet Sprint Cleaning Cartridge 220ml
    Now Only $19.00 Regular Price $25.00
  2. Cleaning Solution 4oz For Garment Printers
    Now Only $9.95 Regular Price $14.95
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