Yellow Ink Liter For Anajet Mp5 And Mp10


DuPont SKU: Dup3500YL

ALL Ricoh Ri3000 and Ri6000 printer owners. NOW you can use chipless cartridges for your printer by downloading the Ricoh firmware below that will allow you to bypass the chip. No more hitting IGNORE….Save Money, Same ink, No hassle.

Updating Ricoh Ri3000/6000 Firmware instructions

Firmware file 1

Firmware file 2

Firmware file 3

Firmware file 4

1 Liter (33.8 oz/1000ml) bottle of Yellow Ink for all Anajet mPower Garment Printers including MP5 and MP10. This is the same ink as PowerBright ink and is specifically designed for commercial print heads like the Ricoh print head in the Anajet MP5 and MP10 and not for use in Epson based garment printers.

To disable the reader in the printer for the MP5 or Mp10;


Printer Settings

Cartridge Check – NO

OR - go to Pre/Print Check

Then you will find Cartridge check, switch to NO

anajet Mpower turn cartridge check off

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