Veloci-Jet XL Pump And Capping Station Assembly Epson R1900


VelociJet SKU: velocipump

This is a brand new Epson™ R1900 Pump and Capping Station Assembly for a Veloci-Jet XL Garment Printer. These are special ordered parts and are pre-tested so NO returns are accepted. Watch the video below to learn how to replace a Capping Station and Pump on a Garment Printer.

**Please note that this is an Epson product but we are not associated in any way with Epson America.

Learn how to Replace the capping station or maintenance station on a Velocijet XL

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 If when you take off your old pump, the connection looks like this, you pulled the coupler off. Remove it and put it on your new pump.

pump and capping station coupler