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If you have a Tajima, Toyota, Barudan, SWF, Happy, Melco, Brother, Renaissance or any other brand Embroidery machine....This DVD is for you

over 4 hours of Detailed Instruction on Repairing, Adjusting and Maintaining your embroidery machine!

Buy the Universal Repair DVD

Universal Embroidery Machine Repair DVD

A Repair Training Video for ANY Embroidery

Machine on the Market! (watch the video)

If you have a Tajima, Toyota, Barudan, SWF,
Happy, Melco or any other brand Embroidery machine
............THIS DVD IS FOR YOU!!!

Over 4 hours of Detailed Instruction!

We all know that Machine Repairs are inevitable and very costly. Waiting or paying for a technician is sometimes "Not an Option" and looking through a manual could take hours of your time, not to mention the frustration of trying to figure it out by yourself.

With this DVD you can have most Repair and Maintenance procedures taught to you in complete detail, showing you step by step what you need to do to fix your machine..........

And for only $49 Get your DVD Today! (click this link and pay securely online)

Think of the last time something weird happened with your machine. You call up tech support and they tell you what the problem might be. They might even tell you how to fix it, but it still takes 4 hours of your valuable time or worse.. you spend 4 hours trying to fix it and STILL your machines are not running right.


These are all the videos that you get for $49.......


Trimmer and Motor Repair
Adjusting the Trimmer P1
Adjusting the Trimmer P2
Adjusting the Trimmer P3
Removing an Encoder
Installing an Encoder
Removing a Potentionometer
Installing a Potentionometer
Removing a Picker Solenoid
Installing a Picker Solenoid
Replacing a Color Change Motor
Replacing a Wiper Motor
Machine operation 1
Introduction to Tension
The "I' Test
The FOX test
Replacing a Tension Knob

Hat and Cap Training
Installing the Driver
Removing the Driver
Installing the Hat Gauge
Hooping a 270 Cap Frame
Hooping a Standard Cap Frame
Attaching the 270 Cap Frame
Center and Tracing a 270 Frame
Center and Tracing a Standard Frame
Hooping for Front and Side Embroidery
Sewing Front and Side Embroidery
Sewing on Finished Caps
Hoop back of hat with 9cm Hoop
Hoop back of hat with Standard Frame
Adjusting a 270 Cap Frame
Adjusting a Standard Cap Frame

Maintenance and Adjustments
Cleaning your Machine and Rotary Hook
Cleaning your Bobbin
Oiling Your Machine Part 1
Oiling your Machine Part 2
Intro To Greasing
Greasing the Color Change Cam
Greasing Behind the Head
Greasing the X Pantograph
Greasing the Y Pantograph
Greasing the Rail
Adjusting the Picker
Installing and Adjusting the Wiper
Machine operation 2
Threading your machine
Pull Through Method
Threading from Scratch

Needle bar and Pressure Foot
Changing a Needle
Removing a Needle Bar
Installing a Needle Bar
Needle Depth Adjustment 1
Needle Depth Adjustment 2
Removing a Pressure Foot
Installing a Pressure Foot

Reciprocator and Rotary Hook
Removing your Embroidery Head
Removing the Reciprocator
Installing the Reciprocator
Installing the Embroidery Head
Removing the Rotary Hook 1
Removing the Rotary Hook 2
Rotary Hook Timing 1
Rotary Hook Timing 2

Machine operation 3
Centering a Hoop
Tracing a design
Setting up for Flats
Hooping a Polo
Hooping a Jacket Back
Using the Clamp
Using Fast Frames
Using the Border Frame
Applique Embroidery

Don't wait until your machine goes down and you have 50 shirts due the next day. Take advantage of the training on this DVD...so you're prepared and comfortable working on any problem your machine might have.

Even if you have a NEW machine and have a problem with it, you still have to pay at least a travel charge for a service technician to come to you, which is usually around $300. If the repair was a maintenance or non-warranted problem, you can end up paying even MORE for that tech visit, not to mention the down time while waiting for a tech to be available.


Maybe you know this.....Maybe you don't.
However, the reason I created this DVD and am selling it for only $49 is to help put an end to one of the biggest problems facing embroiderers today,which is................
(Buy the Universal Repair DVD)


Why is it that every time we have a decent size order or time sensitive order to do, our machine acts up?

That's Murphy's Law in action! That's when you really need a DVD like this to give you a head start while either waiting for tech support to call you back or attempting to fix the problem on your own. Maybe tech support tells you what you need to do, but most manuals are less than understandable and the frustration makes you want to toss your machine out the window.

Embroidery machine training videos chapters

Simple, Step by Step Video Instructions
will help you get your machine up and running faster and with less trial and error so you can get back to
Making Money instead of trouble shooting machine problems.

Video Training is by far the most effective type of training available. It allows you to pause, fast forward and rewind complicated steps to help you better understand the process and take the fear out of damaging your machine.

How come the manufacturers don't make a repair training DVD?

I don't know, but something like this has been long over due. I can only imagine that the down time, loss of business and repair costs total in the millions of dollars industry wide. Most of these businesses are home based businesses that can't afford to lose time or money!

But this DVD is not JUST a Repair and Maintenance DVD - It's also a comprehensiveMACHINE OPERATION TRAINING DVD and it has tons of information on:

tension - caps - frames and hooping - appliqué - setting up a design

There has never been as comprehensive a video as this, that teaches you how to properly maintain, repair and operate a commercial embroidery machine.

This small investment can TRULY save or make you hundreds to thousands of dollars!!
Use this DVD as a reference - use it to train new employees - use it to refresh your knowledge....whatever reason, I guarantee your investment will be well worth it!

What are you going to show me that I don't already know?

I remember when I first got my machine and went to training. I walked out not knowing much more than I had learned in the two weeks before, just tinkering with it. I learned everything on my own and I wore that knowledge like a badge of honor.

So if you're asking that question...."What are you going to show me that I don't already know", I understand where you're coming from. However, looking back at how much time it took me to figure things out, I wish I had something available like this DVD. Something that could give me a jump start or point me in the right direction. All I wanted to do was make money with my machine, not be a mechanic!

Now that I have a few other businesses, I seek out anything that can sharpen the learning curve, get me past the mechanics and on to making money!!

That's why I've made this
Embroidery Repair, Maintenance and Operation Training DVD

only $49...... Buy Now!

This content took months to put together and I know it's worth much more, but I would rather every embroiderer have the opportunity to own this DVD than just a few.

Prepare to understand how your machine works.

I've been through three of the major machine manufactures training programs and am confident that you will have a better understanding of how your machine works after watching this DVD.

The two to three days of training offered by the manufactures are so packed with information about your machine and software, they just don't have time to "Pull back the Curtain" and really show you the mechanics of your machine. Unfortunately, when you get back home and get around to your first order, you may find that a simple adjustment is stopping you from completing your job.

Whether you are a home based business, retail shop

or big contract embroiderer...this DVD is for you!!

  • For the Home Embroiderer, time is everything! You cant afford to wait for a technician while your orders pile up and trying to figure out how to repair or trouble shoot your machine is frustrating, to say the least. This DVD will give you more than an idea on how to fix your machine.....watching it done, step by step, will give you the confidence and technique to get the job done right.

  • For Retail Shops, time is of the essence. You have to know your machine inside and out in order to get jobs out the door. The more you know about your machine, the better you can troubleshoot problems and get your machine to finish any job. Using this DVD to train employees is cost-effective and greatly reduces the time you have to spend walking someone through basic machine operation.

  • For Contract Embroiderers, this is a huge money saving tool on getting everyone up to speed on machine operation, maintenance and repair. This should be the first thing a new employee watches before touching a machine. This will save you time in training, money in repairs and help keep your machines well maintained. For $49, how could you lose?

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    Ok, You agree this Embroidery Training DVD could help, but for whatever reason, you're STILL sitting on the fence. You watched the videos, read the information, maybe even searched and found this website while looking for training options.

    Maybe you're thinking “do I need this? Is it really going to help ME with MY machine”... you want to be ABSOLUTELY SURE this is for you. I understand how you feel, so let me make you a promise.....

    If you are not 100% satisfied with this DVD.....send it back and I will refund the full amount plus shipping!!!

    I'm not messing around here! I am so certain that this is the best $49 investment an embroiderer can make.........I don't want your money if you feel otherwise!!

    "Think of all the designs you have purchased....the patterns....gizmos and tons of other stuff to feed this embroidery addiction (and we all know it's an addiction). The amount you have invested in this machine (or machines) means failure is not an option.....and knowledge and training is absolutely essential to your success as an embroiderer."


    Buy Now! For $49 you get over 4 hours of professionally filmed, step by step training on repairing, maintaining and operating your commercial embroidery machine.

    I've made this DVD affordable for a reason....so please don't take this low price for low quality, or lacking in content. Like I said before........I want EVERYONE to be able to benefit from this knowledge.


    100% Money Back Guarantee means you have nothing to lose and EVERYTHING to gain.....

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    This DVD is packed with 69 Videos of detailed, step by step instruction!