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The Tee Square It! is a two piece gadget that helps you line up heat transfer vinyl, heat transfers, plastisol, rhinestone, stencil, embroidery or any other transfer onto your garment. It will save you time and energy in your business. It will also help improve your product quality, because designs will be properly lined up.

1. Has nice large easy to read collar and center plate.

2. Longer center bar for larger presses

3. Slip on width bar for easier removal when not needed.

4. Rubber feet under collar plate to raise it so transfer slid easily under TSI.

The Tee-Square It! ships separately because of its size and is excluded from Free Shipping

Step-by-Step Instructions to Use the Tee Square It.

1. Cut and weed your design, then pre-press your shirt.

2. Lay your shirt flat. You can do this on your heat press or on a nearby flat surface.

3. Place the Tee Square It! on top of your shirt with the collar plate over the collar. You will line up one set of the arrows on the Tee Square It! with the seam of your collar. You can see in the photo below I’ve circled the arrows that I’ve used to line up the seam.

4. Next, you’ll line up the side seams of the shirt on the width bar. In the photo below, I circled the measurements on the side seam to show you how it should line up. In this example, the side seams line up at 5.25 inches.

5. After lining up your shirt, slide your transfer design under the Tee Square It!. You will be able to use the width bar to line up your design. The photo below shows my design lined up using the width bar horizontally (marked with circles) and the center bar vertically (marked with arrows).

6. Remove the Tee Square It!, and your shirt is ready to press. (If you won’t be pressing it right away, you can secure your design with blue painters tape or transfer heat tape.

7. Press your design using your heat press.

That’s it!