SWF Quick Change Cap System


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How the Quick Change Cap System Can Transform Your Business

When you are pressed to get embroidery jobs done, nothing matters more than efficiency and maintaining the momentum of your workers. Having to switch between caps and flat hoops or from hoops to caps is one of those things that can break the flow. When the momentum of the job slows, it is challenging to build it back up again and this loss can severely affect the productivity of your company. The largest problem when changing between caps and flat hoops is having to pull out the tool, keep from dropping screws, and tediously lining up brackets with small holes. Fortunately, this major hassle has been uniquely solved by SWF embroidery machines. By utilizing the SWF Quick Change Cap System, your embroidery company can maintain its momentum between every job and maximize your business’ profits.

Unique Patented Design

Every embroidery machine manufacturer has to come up with their own ways of making their machines work, but not every design is efficient and user-friendly. SWF has designed a unique patented system that optimizes the process of changing caps and tubular hoops when switching between different embroidery jobs.

View the SWF Quick Change Cap System in action below: