Siser Metal 20" Vinyl | 50yd

Siser SKU: siser-vinyl-metal-20-50-Blue


Color: Blue
Siser Metal 20" Vinyl - Blue
Siser Metal 20" Vinyl - Red
Siser Metal 20" Vinyl - Silver Blue
Siser Metal 20" Vinyl - Gold
Siser Metal 20" Vinyl - Silver
Siser Metal 20" Vinyl - Purple
Siser Metal 20" Vinyl - Tiger Lily
Siser Metal 20" Vinyl - Bronze
Siser Metal 20" Vinyl - Golden Rose

Elevate your crafting projects with Siser Metal 20" Vinyl in an extensive 50yd roll. This versatile heat transfer vinyl offers a smooth finish, soft hand, and a brushed/shiny metal appearance that adds a touch of sophistication to your creations.

Why Choose Metal 20" Vinyl:

  • A 20-inch width for larger creative possibilities
  • A generous 50yd roll size that provides ample material for extensive projects
  • Effortless cutting, weeding, and application for stunning crafting results
  • A soft and smooth texture with a brushed/shiny metal appearance
  • Compatible with a wide range of fabrics and surfaces

Siser Metal 20" Vinyl is the perfect choice when you want to add a touch of elegance to your custom designs. Whether you're working on fashion, accessories, or home decor, this vinyl will give your projects a professional and polished look.

Order your 50yd roll today and take your crafting to the next level with Siser Metal!

Instructions for the Siser Metal 20" Vinyl | 50yd

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