Roland ULT Air Filtration Unit, LEF2-300 & 300D


Roland SKU: ULT-Air-Filtration-Unit

The Roland ULT Air Filtration Unit is the perfect accessory for your Roland UV Printer, including the LEF2-300 and LEF2-300D models. With its advanced HEPA filter and activated carbon filter, this filtration unit is designed to effectively remove harmful contaminants from your printing environment.

Whether you are using your LEF2-300 or LEF2-300D for printing on plastics, metals, or other substrates, the Roland ULT Air Filtration Unit ensures that your prints come out with the highest quality and clarity. By capturing even the smallest particles with its HEPA filter and eliminating odors with its activated carbon filter, this unit creates a clean and safe workspace for all your printing needs.

The compact design of the Roland ULT Air Filtration Unit makes it easy to use alongside your LEF2-300 or LEF2-300D printer, and its quiet operation ensures that it won't interfere with your printing process. With an intuitive control panel, you can easily monitor and adjust the air quality to ensure optimal performance.

Invest in the Roland ULT Air Filtration Unit for your LEF2-300 or LEF2-300D printer today and enjoy high-quality prints and a healthier work environment.