Garment Printer Ink provides packages of DTG products designed to offer profitable DTG solutions for every budget and skill level. Every DTG printer we sell empowers users to print crisp, high-resolution images in vibrant, eye-popping color. Delight your customers and earn repeat business by creating unique, customized apparel.

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Garment Printing in Three Easy Steps


The Colorgate and AnaRip software allow you to customize any graphic, while supporting multiple file forms allowing you to design however you want.


Fast print speeds, interactive display and automated maintenance controls make printing available at the push
of a button.


Whether it's new customers or repeat buyers, your professional printed, high quality products will fly off the shelves for all to love.

Print DTF and DTG With One Printer

Amaze your customers with true-to-life flesh tones and eye-catching prints of every color. With a high-accuracy dual carriage system, a minimum ink drop size of 3 pL, precise auto height adjustment for your platen table, and interchangeable magnetic platens, these machines deliver perfectly clean, high-resolution images up to 1200 x 1200 dpi.

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Professional-Level Performance at an Affordable Price

Print vibrant full-color graphics directly on light and dark garments faster than ever before  with the Ricoh Ri 1000 and Ricoh Ri 2000. These are the best solutions for new businesses, print shops looking to expand , and e-commerce businesses with mid-volume production.

With fast speeds, high image quality, more accurate colors, and automated setup and maintenance, the Ricoh Ri 1000 and Ricoh Ri 2000 easily outperforms its competition.

Meet The Industry Standard In Garment Printing

Intuitive Display Panel

The machine's spacious 7” touchscreen display, features an interactive guide that provides smart alerts and notifications reminding you when to perform routine manual maintenance so you never have to worry about forgetting crucial maintenance tasks.

Automated Maintenance

While other DTG printers require frequent maintenance, Ricoh works to save you time by automating functions like white ink agitation and self-cleaning. It continuously monitors your ink supply, air levels, and dampers which results in a low-maintenance printer that is ready to print at any time.

Insanely Fast Print Speeds

The RICOH Ri 2000 prints full-color 10-inch x 8-inch graphics on light-colored garments in less than 10 seconds. Outfitted with a dual carriage system, the first set of heads prints the white under base and the second set immediately prints the color layer for quick single-pass printing.

Optimize your Artwork

The cutting edge AnaRIP and Colorgate Software allow for a seamless integration and preparation of your graphic artwork for these machines.

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