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Heavy Duty Rail Mounted Clamping Window for sewing the left & right side panels on a cap without a driver. The CAP SIDE CLAMP is mounted directly to the machine drive bar (same as your cap driver), for a positive attachment. Machine specific adapters bolt to the clamp body and are used to attach and adjust the clamp to fit your embroidery machine. Hoop Tech makes adapter brackets for all major embroidery machine brands.

Sewing Left & Right Side Panels Without a Driver

Flat Clamp was designed to hold the left or right side panels on a finished cap. The specially formed top clamping window allows clearance for the bill and the stainless spring steel sweat band retainer is out of the way so that you can sew right along the bottom edge of the cap. The single cam lever, opens – closes and locks the clamp.

Secret to Perfect Alignment

The secret to perfect alignment on a side panel is to use a pressure sensitive Avery type label as a place holder, to locate and orient the design and then frame the cap in the clamp