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Truly the best color gamut we've ever seen. In fact, it's everything you've been asking for in DTG ink. 

JETABILITY - Because of the carefully tuned viscosity in the Kodak direct to garment printer inks, we're able to provide superior jetability.

COLOR GAMUT - Kodak DTG R-Type inks for Ricoh based garment printers have the widest color gamut on the market, bar none.

These bulk ink bottles of DTG R-Type ink by KODAK are engineered for use in all Ricoh based garment printers using Ricoh print heads

The KODAK Textile Ink for Ricoh engines is engineered to be durable and intense in color output making it the best choice for professional DTG printers.

Kodak's fabric inks leverage proprietary ink dispersion technology with a 20-year history of ink development and manufacture, bolstered by decades of coating technology.  The result is an exceptionally large color gamut, a more reliable high-quality image with outstanding shelf life with a soft, natural feel, as well as better in-printer performance.

Compatible with the following garment printers: Anajet Mp5, Anajet Mp10, Ricoh Ri3000, Ricoh Ri6000,  Also compatible with any printer using Ricoh Heads including the DTG G4, M&R Maverick, M&R iLink and mLink printers.

Use with the KODAK Dark Pretreatment or Light Pretreatment

Certified KODAK ink so you know you're getting the highest quality inks possible!
Designed exclusively by KODAK for Ricoh based print-head Direct to Garment machines!

Designed to print directly on 100% cotton fabrics. It can also achieve good results on 50/50 poly blends.

When cured properly, the inks are very wash-fast. Use a standard heat press with medium pressure and cure printed garments for 35-50 seconds at 350 degrees Fahrenheit, if excess humidity is present or if garments are damp, cure for 90 seconds using a silicone coated curing sheet.

Here is a Test print on a Guildan G500 (arguably the worst shirt to use for garment printing.)

Kodak garment ink print test
(Click the image for a larger view) -  You'll notice the coverage is very good with eye popping color.  The bright greens and super bright yellows are everything that is missing with other ink sets we have used.
kodak koda garment ink print test
(Click the image for a larger view) -  The flames came out great.  Fantastic ink dispersion, great blend and vibrant as can be.  On a shirt of this caliber, it's very easy for the print to turn out grainy and dull.  This is quite the opposite.
kodak kodaCOLOR garment printing test epson dtg print
(Click the image for a larger view) -  You have to focus on the yellow.  This is an outstanding example of color gamut and range the Kodak inks have.  It's these types of colors you just can get with DuPont ink.

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