Image Armor TITANIUM Pretreatment

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  • Prevents UV discoloration
  • Enhances white ink printing
  • Works on light and fluorescent fabrics
  • Compatible with leading DTG printers

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Say Goodbye to UV Discoloration and Hello to Vibrant Prints!

Image Armor Titanium is a cutting-edge DTG pretreatment designed to address common challenges faced by printers, such as UV discoloration on lighter fabrics and the need for pristine white ink printing.

image armor new titanium pretreatment for uv resistant garments and dtg printing on light and dark shirts

Key Benefits

  • No UV Discoloration: Unlike typical pretreatments, Titanium ensures that garments don't discolor under UV rays before washing, even on overcast days.
  • Vibrant Colors on Hard-to-Print Fabrics: Achieve stunning prints on challenging colors like 50/50 fluorescent garments.
  • Compatible with Most DTG Printers: Works with virtually all DTG printers (except Kornit).
  • Enhanced White Ink Printing: Get perfect white ink prints on light-colored fabrics without the risk of sun-induced discoloration.

Why Choose Image Armor Titanium?

  • Advanced Formulation: Titanium represents a significant advancement in pretreatment technology, providing superior print quality and eliminating the need for compromises.
  • Versatile Application: Suitable for a wide range of garments, Titanium opens up new possibilities for vibrant, long-lasting prints.

Common Issue: UV Discoloration

Traditional DTG pretreatments often discolor when exposed to sunlight before washing, making the treated area visibly different. This can ruin the appearance of the garment and make it unsellable.

Image Armor Titanium eliminates this issue, ensuring that your pretreated garments remain consistent and vibrant, even before the first wash.

Watch Titanium in Action

Vibrant Prints on Fluorescent Green:

Preventing UV Discoloration:

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Experience the difference with Image Armor Titanium DTG Pretreatment. Ensure your prints are vibrant, durable, and free from UV discoloration. 

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