iColor 2-Step Premium Transfer Paper for Light and Dark Textiles


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iColor Ultra Premium Laser Transfer Paper “A” Foil & “B” Adhesive Paper for use with iColor 600 and 500 LED laser printers. iColor Ultra Premium Paper is a two-step solution primarily used for decorating dark garments. iColor Ultra Premium Paper is more efficient and durable than any other two-step laser transfer on the market. It transfers with a super soft and thin matte finish, incredible light hand with no need to repress. Although iColor Ultra Premium Paper is used mainly for decorating dark apparel, it can also be used to support printing pastels and white-to-color gradients on white apparel and hard surfaces.
• Two step solution; Transfer Sheets and Transfer Sheets shipped together
• The most durable laser transfer solution: Rated for up to 100 wash cycles
• Low Application temperature reduces risk of damaging sensitive fabrics
• Applies to apparel with soft matte finish in one press cycle.
• Fully compatible with iColor 500 and 600 LED laser transfer printers.
Transfer to: Cotton, Polyester, Cotton-poly blends, natural and synthetic fibers, mouse pads, wood signs, etc.
• T-shirts and sweatshirts
• Aprons
• Corporate logo shirts
• Mouse pads
• Sports apparel
• Jackets
• Tote bags
• Signs with colored, white or fluorescent print
25 11.7" x 16.5" of UniNet Premium Transfer Paper25 11.7" x 16.5" of UniNet Premium Adhesive Paper