iColor 800 White Toner Transfer Printer Complete Package (Optional Heat Press)


The iColor 800W Complete Package comes with:


Propeel 2 step transfer paper for white toner transfer printers100 Sets 11.7 x 16.5 and 100 Sets of 12.5x19 2 Step paper

This is special paper designed for the iColor 800.  You Get 100 sets of Propeel 11.7" x 16.5" AND 100 sets of 12.5" x 19".  Both have amazing vibrancy, washability and a super soft hand.   
propeel 1 step light shirt transfer paper

50 Sheets Propeel 1 Step Paper

Included in the package are 50 sheets of 11" X 17" Propeel light and white shirt transfer paper for when you don't need an underbase. Low cost means more profit. 

hard surface transfer paper

 Hard Surface Paper

You get a number of different hard surface transfer papers with this bundle. Classic Hard Surface Paper, Premium Hard Surface Paper, Aqua Clear (for clear surfaces), Hard Surface for wood and hard surface for ceramics. Lots to sample, lots to try. Having all these on hand allows you to be confident you can handle any job. ($59 value)

11x17 premium GPI Transfer Test Paper100 Sheets of our GPI 11x17 Test Paper

Before you print your design, sometimes you want to get an idea is the coloring or sizing is right without wasting expensive transfer paper.  We provide 100 Sheets of 11x17 Test paper so you don't waste money trying to get your designs right

ProRIP white toner transfer software

iColor RIP Pro

You get the iColor RIP Pro, which is light years ahead of other laser transfer RIPs. The clarity, color and brightness of the transfers are so noticeable that we stopped offering TransferRIP. I mean, its that much better. ($695 value)
smart cut transfer software

iColor Smart Cut Software

You don't need an 11x17 printer anymore....AT ALL. This software allows you to create designs flawlessly that are as big as you want. Bigger than any paper size offered. Keep your printer small but your designs HUGE!! ($349 value)
transfer window clings

Window Clings

Included in this bundle are different window clings for different jobs. Whether you need a white back ground or completely clear, having these included allows you make samples that can inspire your customers to place an order ($25 value)
transfer tattoos

Premium Tattoo Paper

This isn't your dime store temporary tattoo. This paper can be a business unto itself. Link up with local tattoo shops, sell custom tattoos on etsy, great promos for the companies you already do business with. I could go on....you have 5 premium sheets to play with in this bundle ($25 value)
transfer flock sheets

Flock Pack

You get 4 different colors of flock to make samples, complete jobs or get creative and learn how this product can almost double the profitability of a shirt. ($39.75 value)
transfer foil sheets

Foil Pack

This one is huge. It's 27 sample sheets of all the colors and patters we offer. Use them to create a sample shirt for customers to see how foil can make any design pop. ($50 value)
Icolor 800 transfer artwork instruction hard copy book

Artwork for White Toner Printers Instructional Booklet

Understanding how to create and edit artwork for the iColor White Toner Printer is crucial in getting the most out of your investment.  That's why we just had to include it in this package ($99 value)

premium parchment paper

Premium Parchment

You get 50 sheets of our premium parchment paper. This helps gives all design transfers a more matte finish and protects your heat press from toner residue. Perfect size for all heat presses. ($20 value)
transfer toner wipes

Toner Wipes

Toner can get messy and there is nothing like these toner cling wipes to clean up that mess. You get our 20pk with this bundle ($13 value)
kraft paper for transfer printing

Kraft Release Paper

Super sturdy release paper that also gives your design a matte finish and protects your upper platen.  They can be used multiple times.  

Heat Sensitive Transfer Tape

Heat sensitive Tape for heat press transfer designs

This is so helpful when trying to stabilize a design on fabric, hard surface or anything really.  Keep your design in place without melting from the heat press.  You get one roll with this order 

Rotary CutterRotary Cutter

If you have been watching videos or as you learn about the transfer process you will see you need to cut the edges around your designs so as not to get any underbase onto the item you are transferring to.  Having this cutter makes it easy and we provide it in this package.

2 Year Warranty

extended 2 year warranty

Having  a two year warrany gives you peace of mind knowing your machine is protected from mechanical failure or unexpected breakdown.  One more year is more gooder!

Rolling Cart

Rolling cart

The cart is absolutely needed and gives you the ability to move it around with ease in addition to extra storage. 

iColor 800W Transfer Printer LCD screen

The iColor 800 from Uninet is truly a breakthrough in white toner transfer printing.  This printer is a 4 station printer, however unlike the OkiData 9541, the iColor does not need a black toner to create true rich black prints.  The color gamut is miles wider, and the developer based toner (not regular polystyrene milled toner) makes the deepest of blacks and at half the cost of the OkiData 9541.

UniNet iColor 800W Toner Transfer Printer | 13" x 19" CMY + White

• HUGE Transfer Paper Size: 13” x 19” (Super A3 Size), however the iColor 800W also Includes the SmartCUT Software for Doubling the Size of the Printable Image from 13” x 19” to 26” x 38” or Even More! This Amazing Software Allows You to Increase the Image Size to as Large as You Desire.

• Lower Cost - The iColor 800W is priced $4500 lower than the Oki 9541WT.  Unbelievable savings with more features and lower operating costs.

• The iColor 800W uses a Superior Type of Custom Toner to Enhance the Density of

iColor 800W toner

the Transferred Image. This Type of Toner is Referred to as Developer Based Toner. The Specialized Toner Combined with the RIP Give the 800W a Much Wider Color Gamut (20% wider color gamut than the Oki Data 9541) including a "true black" that has been difficult to produce up until now.

• The iColor 800W Includes the ProRIP for Controlling Color, Improving the Feel of the Garment, Saving Toner and Improving the Washability.  ProRIP is miles above the "print optimizer" offered with the Oki 9541.  ProRIP is professional level RIP software developed by UniNet and has become industry standard for Transfer printers.

• A 10" Color Screen Smart Console, with sound, Not Only Controls the Printer but Includes Training Videos of the Textile Transfer Process Making this Unit the Most User Friendly and easy to learn in the White Toner Transfer Printer Space.  Compare this to the tiny LED Screen of the Oki Data 9541WT.

• Virtually Maintenance Free and with the Lowest Cost Consumables on the market.  Up to 60% lower than the Oki 9541WT for white and 40% Lower for CMY.

• Fast Print Speed of Up to 18/12 (Letter/Tabloid) Pages Per Minute (Twice the Speed of the 9541WT) with High Resolution Imaging Up to 1200 dpi vs the Oki 9541WT's 600 dpi. That's DOUBLE the resolution and Double the Speed while using LESS toner!

• Right out of the box the iColor 800W comes with 4x more toner than the 9541WT.  12,500 pages!

• UniNet One Year Warranty

• Compatible with Leading Transfer Papers including our Propeel Transfer Paper

download the iColor 800W transfer printer brochureDOWNLOAD THE BROCHURE 

UNINET IColor 800W ($8,999) vs OKI C8432WT ($7,250 + RIP)

  • Only $1,050 more expensive with the RIP (valued at $695)
  • Oversized 12.6” X 19” Media (Jumbo XL)
  • Higher print resolution (1200 dpi vs 600 dpi)
  • Faster printing / more memory
  • The iColor 800W comes with 3 X more toner for 12,500 vs 4,000 shirts* (*At 20% coverage)
  • The iColor 800W CMY printing costs are up to 50% lower
  • The iColor 800W white printing costs are up to 70% lower (.024 cpp vs. .082 cpp)
  • ProRIP software included in the box
  • Higher yield toners (35,000 CMY/25,000 W vs. 10,000 CMY/4,500 W pages)
  • Higher yield drums (60,000 pages vs 30,000 pages)
  • 10” Color Touch Screen Smart Tablet with sound Integrated
  • 50% Wider color gamut capable of producing DARK blacks and more colors

UNINET IColor 800W ($8,995) vs OKI Pro 9541WT ($13,649 + RIP)

  • The iColor 800W has a $4,650+ lower price tag (35% lower price)
  • The iColor 800W CMY printing costs are 40% lower
  • The iColor 800W white printing costs are up to 60% lower (.024 cpp vs .058 cpp)
  • ProRIP software included in the box
  • Higher yield toners(35,000 CMY/25,000 W vs. 24,000 CMYK/10,000 W pages)
  • Higher yield drums (60,000 pages vs 40,000 pages)
  • 20% Wider color gamut capable of producing DARK blacks and more colors
  • 10” Color Touch Screen Smart Tablet with sound Integrated
  • Freestanding “Pro” model comes included with rolling storage cart, SmartCUT Software, and an extended 2 year warranty.
  • Optional Wifi interface available too

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Great customer service still haven’t receive heat press

Brendan has been a great help. Still haven’t received heat press though


Amazing Printer exceeded my expectation Leah and Dean preformed a Miracle to get it to me During this Pandemic Thanks so Much for Your Hard Work and Excellent Customer Service!