iColor 800 White Toner Transfer Printer


The iColor 800 from Uninet is truly a breakthrough in white toner transfer printing.  This printer is a 4 station printer, however unlike the OkiData 9541, the iColor does not need a black toner to create true rich black prints.  The color gamut is miles wider, and the developer based toner (not regular polystyrene milled toner) makes the deepest of blacks and at half the cost of the OkiData 9541.

UniNet iColor 800W Toner Transfer Printer | 13" x 19" CMY + White

• Maximum Transfer Paper Size: 13” x 19” (Super A3 Size)

• The 800W full system Includes iColor 800W Printer, 800W Cabinet Stand, ProRIP and CMY and White toner

• UniNet Uses a Superior Type of Custom Toner to Enhance the Density of the Transferred Image. This Type of Toner is Referred to as Developer Based Toner. The Specialized Toner Combined with the RIP Give the 800W a Much Wider Color Gamut than Our Direct Competitor

• The 800W Full System Includes the ProRIP for Controlling Color, Improving the Feel of the Garment, Saving Toner and Improving the Washability

• The 800WT Full System Includes the SmartCUT Software for Doubling the Size of the Printable Image from 13” x 19” to 26” x 38” or Even More! This Amazing Software Allows You to Increase the Image Size to as Large as You Desire

• A 10" Color Screen Smart Console Not Only Controls the Printer but Includes Videos of the Textile Transfer Process Making this Unit the Must User Friendly in the Toner Transfer Space

• Virtually Maintenance Free with Low Cost Consumables

• Integrated All-in-One Toner Cartridge and Drum System--Saves Money on Consumables

• Achieves “TrueBlack” Printing Using a Combination of CMYW Colors with ProRIP Software

• Compatible with Leading Transfer Papers

• Fast Print Speed of Up to 18/12 (Letter/Tabloid) Pages Per Minute with High Resolution Imaging Up to 1200 dpi

• Uses White Toner for Dark, Light and Colored Shirts and Other Unique Hard Surfaces

• UniNet One Year Warranty