iColor 800 White Toner Transfer Printer Starter Package

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The iColor 800W Starter Package comes with:

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The iColor 800 from Uninet is truly a breakthrough in white toner transfer printing.  This printer is a 4 station printer, however unlike the OkiData 9541, the iColor does not need a black toner to create true rich black prints.  The color gamut is miles wider, and the developer based toner (not regular polystyrene milled toner) makes the deepest of blacks and at half the cost of the OkiData 9541.

UniNet iColor 800W Toner Transfer Printer | 13" x 19" CMY + White

• HUGE Transfer Paper Size: 13” x 19” (Super A3 Size

• Lower Cost - The iColor 800W is priced $4500 lower than the Oki 9541WT.  Unbelievable savings with more features and lower operating costs.

• The iColor 800W uses a Superior Type of Custom Toner to Enhance the Density of the Transferred Image. This Type of Toner is Referred to as Developer Based Toner. The Specialized Toner Combined with the RIP Give the 800W a Much Wider Color Gamut (20% wider color gamut than the Oki Data 9541) including a "true black" that has been difficult to produce up until now.

• The iColor 800W Includes the ProRIP for Controlling Color, Improving the Feel of the Garment, Saving Toner and Improving the Washability.  ProRIP is miles above the "print optimizer" offered with the Oki 9541.  ProRIP is professional level RIP software developed by UniNet and has become industry standard for Transfer printers.

• A 10" Color Screen Smart Console, with sound, Not Only Controls the Printer but Includes Training Videos of the Textile Transfer Process Making this Unit the Most User Friendly and easy to learn in the White Toner Transfer Printer Space.  Compare this to the tiny LED Screen of the Oki Data 9541WT.

• Virtually Maintenance Free and with the Lowest Cost Consumables on the market.  Up to 60% lower than the Oki 9541WT for white and 40% Lower for CMY.

• Fast Print Speed of Up to 18/12 (Letter/Tabloid) Pages Per Minute (Twice the Speed of the 9541WT) with High Resolution Imaging Up to 1200 dpi vs the Oki 9541WT's 600 dpi. That's DOUBLE the resolution and Double the Speed while using LESS toner!

Right out of the box the iColor 800W comes with 4x more toner than the 9541WT.  (12,500 pages for CMY and 10,000 pages for white)

• UniNet One Year Warranty

• Compatible with Leading Transfer Papers including our Propeel Transfer Paper

Includes Master Class

This master class is intended for all Uninet IColor White Toner Printers including the 560, 650, and 800. As you get started with White Toner Laser Transfers for the first time, training is the key to getting up and running quickly.


UNINET IColor 800W ($8,999) vs OKI C8432WT ($7,250 + RIP)

  • Only $1,050 more expensive with the RIP (valued at $695)
  • Oversized 12.6” X 19” Media (Jumbo XL)
  • Higher print resolution (1200 dpi vs 600 dpi)
  • Faster printing / more memory
  • The iColor 800W comes with 3 X more toner for 12,500 vs 4,000 shirts* (*At 20% coverage)
  • The iColor 800W CMY printing costs are up to 50% lower
  • The iColor 800W white printing costs are up to 70% lower (.024 cpp vs. .082 cpp)
  • ProRIP software included in the box
  • Higher yield toners (35,000 CMY/25,000 W vs. 10,000 CMY/4,500 W pages)
  • Higher yield drums (60,000 pages vs 30,000 pages)
  • 10” Color Touch Screen Smart Tablet with sound Integrated
  • 50% Wider color gamut capable of producing DARK blacks and more colors

UNINET IColor 800W ($8,995) vs OKI Pro 9541WT ($13,649 + RIP)

  • The iColor 800W has a $4,650+ lower price tag (35% lower price)
  • The iColor 800W CMY printing costs are 40% lower
  • The iColor 800W white printing costs are up to 60% lower (.024 cpp vs .058 cpp)
  • ProRIP software included in the box
  • Higher yield toners(35,000 CMY/25,000 W vs. 24,000 CMYK/10,000 W pages)
  • Higher yield drums (60,000 pages vs 40,000 pages)
  • 20% Wider color gamut capable of producing DARK blacks and more colors
  • 10” Color Touch Screen Smart Tablet with sound Integrated
  • Freestanding “Pro” model comes included with rolling storage cart, SmartCUT Software, and an extended 2 year warranty.
  • Optional Wifi interface available too

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John Fleming
Icolor 800W

Great working with Brendan and the crew at Garment Printer Ink. They were excellent at working with me to ensure my order was processed. I am having a custom work bench created to accommodate my Transfer Printer business to launch in Dec 2020. Thanks you Garment Printer ink.

Al Felder

Love it!