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Both of these warranties cover all hardware (not toners) for either 1 year extra (so you would have a two year warranty) or 2 Years extra (so you would have a three years warranty) This includes ONE free fuser replacement.

If your machine needed to be sent for diagnosis or repair,  you would need to ship the printer at your cost, however Uninet will ship back at theirs. 


iColor 800 Printer One Year and Two Year Limited Warranty Extension

By registering this product and agreeing to the terms and conditions, the 90 day manufacturer’s warranty is now upgraded to one full year from date of purchase. UniNet prides itself on its outstanding product lines and technical support. If for some reason your product fails, UniNet stands behind its warranties and assures you the best service possible in a quick and timely manner. Response times are based on local standard business days and working hours where the service is being requested. Unless otherwise stated, all responses are measured from the time the end-user calls until UniNet has either established a mutually acceptable time for support to be performed, or UniNet has begun to provide support or remote diagnostics. In some countries, and under certain supplier constraints, response time may vary. If your location is outside the customary service zone, response time may be longer or there may be an additional charge. This UniNet Limited Warranty applies only to UniNet iColor-branded hardware products, including without limitation, UniNet iColor printing supplies sold by or leased from UniNet, its worldwide affiliates, authorized resellers, authorized distributors, or country distributors. The term "iColor-branded hardware" is limited to the hardware components and required firmware and DOES NOT include software applications or programs, non-UniNet products, or non-UniNet branded peripherals. To the extent permitted by local law, all non-UniNet products or non-UniNet branded peripherals external to the UniNet Hardware Product—such as external storage subsystems, displays, computers and other peripherals — are provided "AS IS" and are not covered by this UniNet Limited Warranty. However, non-UniNet manufacturers and suppliers or publishers may provide their own warranties directly to you. UniNet warrants to the original purchaser that this product is free from defects in material and workmanship for one year from date of purchase. To the extent permitted by local law, UniNet guarantees that it will repair or replace, at UniNet’s option, a UniNet iColor Hardware Product that manifests a defect in materials or workmanship during the Limited Warranty Period, if you, the end-user customer, provides UniNet with notice of a defect in the UniNet Hardware Product during the Limited Warranty Period. UniNet’s obligation under this UniNet Limited Warranty, at its option, to repair or replace a UniNet Hardware Product that manifests a defect in materials and workmanship ceases upon the expiration of the Limited Warranty Period.

Extended warranties are available for an additional year of parts and labor and may be upgraded further to a hot swap exchange program for an additional fee, provided the original warranty is still in effect. Contact your Sales Executive for further information. UniNet will, for one year, repair or replace at no charge for parts and labor from the date purchased from UniNet direct or an authorized iColor reseller. Inbound freight, shipping and insurance are the responsibility of the owner. All original packaging should be kept to ensure safe transport of UniNet hardware. UniNet is not responsible for damage during transport, so please take great care in packing and insuring your system to avoid unnecessary issues associated with shipping damage.

Warranty registration must be completed within 30 days of receipt of the product in order to validate the warranty. UniNet reserves the right to determine the validity of all warranty claims. Warranty is void if the product serial number has been altered or removed. Warranty is void if the product has been misused or damaged or if evidence is present that the product was altered, modified, or serviced by unauthorized service people. The above stated warranty is exclusive and replaces all other warranties, express or implied, including those of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose. UniNet will not be liable for any other damages or loss, including incidental or consequential damages and loss of profits or revenues from whatever cause, including breach of warranty or negligence. This product has been thoroughly tested and inspected at the factory prior to shipment. Nevertheless, inspect your product completely for any damage or loss of parts that may have occurred during shipment. Notify the delivering carrier promptly if damage claims are to be filed. UniNet reserves the right to modify or update its product without obligation to replace any equipment delivered prior to any such change. In an effort to ensure the highest standard of quality, the registrant or user agrees to purchase iColor genuine supplies from UniNet direct or an authorized iColor reseller for the life of their iColor printer. Use of non-UniNet cartridges or supplies could result in the termination of service and/or warranty should failure or damage occur as a result of using said materials. UniNet will charge its standard time and materials rate to service the printer for the particular failure or damage, or for the cost of replacement of damaged or failed parts. This UniNet Limited Warranty is applicable in all countries and may be enforced in any country or region where UniNet or its authorized service providers offer warranty service for the same product model number subject to the terms and conditions set forth in this UniNet Limited Warranty. This UniNet Limited Warranty is subject to all applicable national export and import laws and regulations. Under this UniNet Limited Warranty, UniNet Hardware Products purchased in one country or region may be transferred to another country or region where UniNet or its authorized service providers offer warranty service for the same product model numbers. Warranty terms, service availability, and service response times may vary from country or region to country or region. Standard warranty service response time is subject to change due to local parts availability. If parts are unavailable, your UniNet authorized service provider can provide you with details. UniNet will not alter form, fit, or function of this UniNet Hardware Product to make it operate in a country for which it was never intended to function. UniNet is not responsible for any tariffs or duties that may be incurred in transferring the products. Transfer of the products may be covered by, and is subject to, all applicable export and import laws, regulations, and controls issued by various governments. In countries or regions where applicable law determines that warranty services for imported products are to be provided by the local importer or in which applicable law does not mandatorily determine that warranty services for imported products are to be provided by the manufacturer, all warranty services for UniNet products in these countries or regions will be provided solely by the importer and not by UniNet, except where the local importer has been specifically authorized by UniNet or its local affiliate to import the products and refer the warranty services to UniNet.

You are entitled to hardware warranty service according to the terms and conditions of this document if a repair to your UniNet Hardware Product is required due to the manifestation of a defect in materials and workmanship within the Limited Warranty Period. UniNet will, at its option, repair or replace any component or hardware product that manifests a defect in materials or workmanship during the Limited Warranty Period if UniNet receives notice from you, the end-user customer, of the manifestation of such a defect during the Limited Warranty Period. Unless otherwise stated, and to the extent permitted by local law, new UniNet Hardware Products may be manufactured using new materials or new and used materials functionally equivalent to new in performance and reliability. To the extent consistent with local law, (a) UniNet Hardware Products presented for repair may be replaced by refurbished UniNet Hardware Products of the same type rather than being repaired and (b) refurbished parts may be used to repair UniNet Hardware Products. (c) replaced or repaired UniNet Hardware Products will be functionally equivalent in performance and reliability to original products that have been discontinued. Unless otherwise expressly required by local law, if these replaced or repaired UniNet Hardware Products or parts manifest a defect in materials or workmanship (1) during the ninety (90) days following their repair and/or replacement, or (2) during the remainder of the Limited Warranty Period of the UniNet Hardware Product they are replacing or in which they are installed, UniNet warrants that it will again repair or replace these UniNet Hardware Products or parts. All component parts or hardware products removed under this UniNet Limited Warranty become the property of UniNet unless otherwise stipulated by applicable local law. In the unlikely event that your UniNet Hardware Product has recurring failures or UniNet determines it is unable to repair or replace the UniNet Hardware Product, UniNet, at its option, may elect to provide you with (a) a replacement unit selected by UniNet that is the same or functionally equivalent to your UniNet Hardware Product in performance or (b) to give you a refund or credit of your purchase price or lease payments (less interest) instead of a replacement.

Some states or countries do not allow the above exclusion or limitation, so this exclusion and limitation may be limited in its application to you. Disputes arising out of this UniNet Limited Warranty or relating to your purchase of the UniNet Hardware Products subject to this UniNet Limited Warranty; whether based on contract, tort, statute, fraud, or any other legal theory—are governed by the law of the country, state, province, or territory in which you currently reside, without regard to its conflict-of-law principles.


UniNet does not warrant that the operation of this UniNet hardware product will be uninterrupted or error-free. UniNet is not responsible for damage that occurs as a result of the user’s failure to follow the instructions intended for the UniNet hardware product.

This UniNet Limited Warranty does not apply to expendable or consumable parts and does not extend to any UniNet Hardware Product from which the serial number has been removed or that has been damaged or rendered defective
as a result of accident, misuse, liquid spills, abuse, contamination, improper or inadequate maintenance or calibration, or other external causes;
by operation outside the usage parameters stated in the user documentation that shipped with the UniNet Hardware Product;
by software, interfacing, parts or supplies not supplied by UniNet;
by improper site preparation, maintenance or environmental conditions that do not conform to UniNet's site specifications;
by virus, infection, worm, or similar malicious code
by loss or damage in transit;
by modification or service by anyone other than UniNet or an UniNet authorized service provider; or
by improper installation of end-user replaceable UniNet or UniNet approved parts if available for your UniNet Hardware Product in the servicing country or region.
Any UniNet Hardware Product found to be altered in any way after delivery from UniNet will be excluded from the terms of this Limited Warranty other than damaged or defective components where the damage or defect is found to be unrelated to the alteration.

UniNet is not responsible for any interoperability or compatibility issues that may arise when:
products, software, or options not supported by UniNet are used;
configurations not supported by UniNet are used; or
parts intended for one system are installed in another system of different make or model.
If your UniNet Hardware Product manifests a defect in materials and workmanship during the Limited Warranty Period, and the suggestions in the product documentation do not solve the problem, you can receive support by contacting your UniNet authorized reseller or authorized service provider. You must have the following information available: Product serial numbers and model name and applicable error message or provide the service issue details. Be prepared to answer several troubleshooting questions in order to establish the service level that UniNet will provide. Be sure to check UniNet’s website – www.icolorprint.com/support – for further information.