Heat Applied Flock Transfer Sheets

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Color: Red

All Flock Transfer Sheets measure 15" x 20"

Until now, the finishing of textiles with flock and raised fabric effects could only be achieved with a standard vinyl material and was limited in the options and detail. Only large logos and lettering could be plotted and transferred. FOREVER Laser Dark (No-Cut) FINISHING transfers can easily be flocked with the Flock finishing sheets, with the advantage that even fine details can be transferred. The typical limitations of heat transfers process with heat transfer vinyl are now a thing of the past!

Compatible Fabrics:
100% Cotton
100% Polyester
Cotton/Polyester blends
Some blend fabrics - heat test at 310F

*Flock designs should washed inside out in a cold wash cycle.

Application Instructions Using White Toner Printers and Forever Laser Dark Low-Temp Transfer Paper:

  • To Print: Print your design using CMYK BLACK with White Toner ON. (In your design, use 100% each C,M,Y,& K to create a composite black). Use mirror-print option in Job Option settings, and select Transparency in the printer driver's 'Media Weight' setting. Use the multi-purpose (bypass) tray to feed the A-Foil page with the matte side face-up (do not print on glossy side).

  • Preheat the lower platen of your heat press to 310F by closing the press while empty for 20-30 seconds - this is only necessary for first presses, or returning to the press after break in production.

  • Place the A-Foil onto the lower platen (printed/matte side face-up). Place the B-Paper (white/toner coated side face-down) on top of A-Foil sheet. This sheet is slightly smaller than A-Foil sheet to allow the sheets to easily separate after first press. You may cover with an additional parchment, silicone, or copy paper for additional protection for your heat press platen. Press the two sheets together for 90-110 seconds.

  • Open heat press and separate the two sheets immediately, slowly & smoothly. This should leave an opaque white coating onto the toner layer of your printed A-Foil sheet.

  • Trim the edges of the A-Foil sheet to prevent the residual toner on edges from transferring to your garment.

  • Press to the textile with the following instructions:


Cotton: 300-320F for 5-10 seconds, very light pressure
Polyester: 248-266F for 5-10 seconds, very light pressure
Blend Fabrics: 285-305F for 5-10 seconds, very light pressure
Polypropylene: 220F for 30 seconds, very light pressure
Paper/Cardboard: 210F for 5-10 seconds, very light pressure


  • Remove from heat press and allow to cool completely before removing the A-Foil backing.

  • Return the garment/substrate to the press and cover the transfer with desired decorative hot stamping foil or flock. Cover with parchment or silicone sheet.

  • Press according to following instructions:

Cotton: 300-320F for 30-45 seconds, heavy pressure
Polyester: 248-266F for 30-45 seconds, heavy pressure
Blend Fabrics: 285-305F for 30-45 seconds, heavy pressure
Polypropylene: 220F for 30-45 seconds, heavy pressure
Paper/Cardboard: 210F for 30-45 seconds, heavy pressure

  • Remove from heat and allow to cool before removing foil.


Instructions for the Heat Applied Flock Transfer Sheets

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