Graphtec CE LITE-50 20"


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  • Easy-to-use operation with 4.3" touch panel
  • ARMS 7.0 technology ensures efficient, high precision print and cut jobs. CE Lite-50 detects registration marks on the media to accurately align the position of the cutting line to the printed image on various materials including glitter and metallic.
  • Continuously cut roll media designs up to 9 Ft, 10 In (3 m)* long using the included roll media stocker.
    * Accuracy guarantee 1 m. depends on the cutting condition and media type.
  • USB offline barcoding automatically loads file, sets tool conditions, and processes the job at the push of a button without requiring a PC connection.
  • Maximum mountable media width of 20 inches (508 mm) efficient and convenient for your production.
  • CE LITE-50 finds the edge of the media and aligns the position of the contour cut line to the printed image without registration marks. (Must use a standard size) The maximum cutting area can be utilized regardless of color or shading of media because registration marks do not need to be printed.


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