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The GEN 2 from HoopTech is the next generation HTP style cap frame. Originally called The Dream Frame, the GEN 2 was redesigned to allow sewing closer to the bill than ever before. It was specially designed to maximize the sewing field on the front two panels of a finished cap, while still maintaining registration. This cap frame is lighter, has backing holding clips, is easier to frame, and with the new bill retaining strap you can sew closer to the bill than ever before. Update to the latest version of your Melco software for Gen 2 Cap Frame support.

Sew Field: 5.6” wide by 3” high using the new Hoop Database found here.


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The GEN 2 works with all types of caps:

  • Structured
  • Unstructured
  • Low Profile
  • Full Crown
  • Strap Back
  • Flex Fit
  • Fitted
  • Flat Bill
  • Pre-curved
  • New Era
  • Pacific
  • Nylon
  • Military Style.
  • And don’t forget VISORS! (With and without sweatbands)

Hold & Sew Visors Easily

Now, finally an easy way to hold and sew visors! Full field sewing access with no bill restriction. Don’t settle for putting your design just where you can get it to sew, Put your design where it looks good!

“GEN 2” Features

  • A spring steel bill retainer that sets and holds the bill angle.
  • Backing clips to hold your stabilizer in place during framing.
  • Internal retaining fingers for proper bill alignment.
  • Lighter frame design (20% less weight) than the original.
  • Redesigned bill retainer with closer access to the bill.
  • Open design Top Clamp.
  • Large sewing field.

Built Tough

The EMS / Hoop Tech Cap Frames are built tough to stand up to day to day production use. The heavy gage stainless steel construction will give you years of service. The EMS / Hoop Tech Cap frame design allows for variation in cap size, shape and material thickness. When used with the Hoop Tech patented “T”-Bar Framing gage, framing a finished cap becomes as easy as 1-2-3.