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Melco DesignShop v11 – Professional Embroidery Software

With the PROFESSIONAL package, you get:

Everything in the LETTERING package:

  • 175+ Fonts and Monograms
  • 1000 Stock Embroidery Designs
  • Auto Underlay and Density
  • Design Checker
  • Trim between letters, words, or only when specified
  • TrueType and OpenType Font Support
  • Realistic 3D rendering of embroidery

Everything in the  EDITOR package:

  • Manual Digitizing
  • Wireframe or Stitch Editing
  • Multiple stitch directions within an element
  • Selectable Character list for Fonts
  • Automatic Fabric Adjustment via Styles
  • Alignment Tools
  • Custom Shapes and Designs Library
  • Batch Conversion

Everything in the VECTOR package:

  • Open 500+ Included Vector Graphic Designs
  • Stitch Graphic Region
  • Open/Insert Vector Graphics
  • Save Out Vector Graphics
  • Utilize Illustrator Clipboard Data
  • Graphic Conversion Assistant
    • User friendly interface
    • Step-by-step or auto
    • Curve smoothing
    • Find center line
    • Auto start stop


  • Distortion Effects
  • Shadow Tool
  • Combine and Subtract Elements
  • Change Element Type
  • Curved Stitch Directions
  • Create Blends with Custom Densities
  • Create Decorative and Pattern Fills
  • Create and Edit Embroidery Fonts and Monograms
  • Auto Primer Stitch
  • Auto Basting Outline

Combine & Subtract Elements in Action: