Black GPI Brand Ink Liter for Ricoh Based Garment Printers

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1 Liter (33.8 oz/1000ml) bottle of Black GPI Brand Ink for all Ricoh Based Garment Printers including the Anajet mPower MP5/MP10, Ricoh Ri3000 and Ricoh Ri6000, M&R iLink, M-Link and X-Link Garment Printers.

Change your system over to GPI Brand ink and experience amazing whites with bold, vivid colors that lay down beautifully.  THIS IS PLUG AND PLAY INK if you are using DuPont inks, no need to flush.  Watch a video on refilling your anajet cartridges


Cure Time for CMYK 35-60 Seconds 350 Degrees, Light Pressure

Cure Time for White 60-120 Seconds 350 Degrees, Light Pressure