Anajet Sprint, FP-125 Capping Top Sponge


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Anajet Capping Top Sponge for Maintenance Station.


  • Anajet Sprint
  • Anajet FP-125
  • Anajet SP 200

When your capping top sponge in your Anajet garment printer starts to look nasty....replace the capping top instead of the whole station

dirty capping top

To Fix: There is only one spring (on the right). You basically detach the spring, slightly push down on the back side to release the black pin and lift up. Then you detach the four ink tubes and it comes right out. Then you simply reverse the steps.

When replacing the capping top, you may lose the spring that holds the capping top on to the pump and capping station. This is a separate part and does not come with the capping top. Use our DTG Technical Tool Set to get the spring on and off.

First disconnect the spring from the capping top

remove capping top spring

Make sure you have the tubes in the correct valve before securing it down

capping top hose configuration

Push the capping top into position and secure using the DTG Technical Tools to pull the spring onto the clip