Anajet mPower MP5 MP10 Head Cleaning Service


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The price for print head cleaning is $199 per Print head. We have a print head cleaning machine that puts the print head through ultrasound, forward flushing, backward flushing and a vacuumed flush while using different levels of cleaning solutions. It takes about 2 hrs per head to go through the process. We have about a 80% success rate with Ricoh print heads.

You will be invoiced for $199 plus whatever shipping speed you request. If we cannot get the print head clean, there will be a $45 service charge plus shipping back to you.
What you would do is send your FLUSHED out print head (or heads) to

400 Oser Avenue Suite 2000
Hauppauge, NY  11788

Learn how to remove your Anajet mPower Print Head from your MP5 or MP10 Garment Printer

See what the inside of the Anajet Ricoh Gen 4 print head looks like

*A complete print head cleaning is not guaranteed. Please note that even a perfectly clean print head may not print well. There are many other factors affecting print quality, such as the condition of the nozzle plate coating, wear and tear of the piezo crystals, malfunctioning electronics, etc. There is a risk of print head damage during the cleaning process. We are not liable for any damage to your print heads or any other subsequent damages as a result. We are also not responsible for lost or damaged print heads after shipping. The customer is responsible for insurance on all print head shipments.


We are NOT responsible for pre-existing “communication errors” or cables errors on Print heads. This service is for “cleaning clogs” in print heads and we determine that by getting a perfect waterfall with a special liquid at a certain pressure. Print heads that are determined to be clean, but still don’t operate properly in your printer are still charged for the work performed. In other words…. We don’t know what could be wrong with your print head, we just work on cleaning it. Make sense? We thought so….