Aerosol Dark Shirt Pretreatment Cans for Brother Ink

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Garment Printer Ink SKU: AerosolBRO1

ALBA-PRE and ALBA-BRO are fantastic pretreats in aerosol form. The unique nozzle applies a smooth even coat with minimal overspray. For lighter garments only one light coat can be used.

Use AlbaChem ® Pretreats as a sole pretreat or as a compliment to pretreatment machines. Short runs, hats, small print areas (i.e. left pocket print) are but a few examples where Alba-Pre and Bro are preferred over pretreatment machines.


Alba-Pre is designed for Epson® and like machines and ink.

Alba-Bro is specifically designed for Brother® printers and inks.

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Based on 1 review
Itto Print
perfect for my small shop

Been doing pretreat with a small spray bottle for years and while I learned how to do it well there was always a messy element to it as well as a sticky, stained shirt. This pretreat works like a pro and after curing properly is ready to wear with minimal visible effects. Worth the money for my set up.