Garment Printer Ink cover image with ink droplets

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My fav!

My favorite pretreatment!

Love my ideas fast delivery i will always order from them

Last much long than the regular aize

Great product

thumbs up!!!

Cleaning tool

This does a very good job supplying the solution and water to clean your head. The only problem was to get a smaller rubber tip to go into the one they provided and to go into my Rico r12000. If it had the right size hose on it that will go into my unit would be great. But it does a good job of squeezing the fluid through with light modification to it. Very happy to be able to clean my machine finally the right way.

great product

Price is good and product arrives quickly

Brother GTX-423 compatibility?

Will this work on this model?

Smooth Release

The release of this film is outstanding on a variety of fabrics.

I love this paper!

Love this paper and works great with my printer!!


I use this pretreat for colored shirts, red royal navy purple etc. because it does not stain at all, and provides a real good print. it would be my "go to" for blacks but you do get fibers poking thru the ink, so instead i use firebird 100, which stains like crazy but is not that noticeable on blacks and i get a good print w/o fiber migration

The Best!

This is definitely so much better than the paper I was using. I would waste so many sheets with it but when I tried this usually my only waste is something that’s my fault. The A/B marrying process is so much better and easier. The lower price is great too! Definitely my new go to. Shipping is also super fast.


OMG!! I LOVE IT…. The other Brand gave me buyers remorse for purchasing my icolor560 bc of the prominence of glue splatters surrounding the A sheet after marrying. I was limited to pressing on nearly white shirts bc of this.. until now! I can’t sing loud enough about Propeel 😊. And the Shipping exceeded my expectations. I will definitely look into other product offerings.

Good tool, good service

This has been a really useful, it seems to be made well. I was also really impressed with how quickly it was shipped. I was a bit skeptical since I had never heard of this company, but I was impressed.

Literally the best company for all things DTG

Thank you GPI for getting the products to us in Hawaii during this tragic times out here... You all got our shipment here SO QUICKLY! Thank you, Mahalo and Aloha. We appreciate your kokua <3

Great Service

Got the part I needed in a timely manner and without any damages. I would order from here again.

Amazing !!

i'm using Colman's 2 step for 6 years and just found this paper through a FB group ! absolutely a breath of fresh air ! I love that the b paper is thinner than most ... and the marrying stage was flawless on the first try ! used 50 pages today and got 50 perfect transfers for a change !!!!! huge bonus that it came in one day ( I just realized you guys are minutes away from me on the island !!! thank you for a great product !!!

Took some trial and error

I used mine with a canon printer converted to a white toner printer with the absolute white toner. I followed the instructions word for word when pressing but my designs weren’t transferring or just a section would transfer. I started watching YouTube videos and finally saw that when you pull the press up to take a rag and run the back of the design to ensure the ink transfers off. That did the trick. Only took be about 25 sheet but I got it figured out lol

F2100 Print Head Cleaning Kit

genuine kit 100%, without any problem, and you also have the plus of Cleaning Solution!! Great product

F2000 / F2100 Damper
Alejandro Bonilla
dampers epson F2100

I had problems with the dampers on my epson f2100, these new dampers solved my problem, 100% recommended service

Great service and delivery

I ordered from this company because my cleaning cartridge had leaked out and this was the only company that I could find that could overnight it to me. I received it and was saved from late orders for my business. Thank you for offering such a great service.

Hi Lana, thank you SO much for the wonderful review!! So sorry that your cleaning cartridge was leaking, but we're so glad we were able to get you a new one overnight! We totally understand the importance of time in the business world, and we do everything we can to get our people what they need as quickly as possible. We're always here for whatever you need, don't hesitate to reach out!

Firebird FBX VIVID Pretreatment

Best pretreatment for light and white garment I ever used. Works exactly as described.

Product is great but...

Product was great but when checking out website took the wrong payment type and caused me some small issues. Product is great no complaints.

Does exactly what I need it to do

I use these for DTF transfers on the required second press. Haven't had an issue yet!