iColor 540

Bring your designs to print with the iColor® 540 Transfer Printer

UniNet presents the IColor 540 Toner-Based Digital Transfer Printer, featuring full color combined with white overprint™ and underprint™ capabilities in a single pass.

The iColor® 540 Does It All

1Print full color images on textiles of any fabric type

2Print full color images on hard surfaces like wood glass metal ceramic and more

3Print full color images on paper of any color for greeting cards, invitations and more

4Optional fluorescent printing

5Optional dye sublimation transfer printing

Helping You Do More With Your Brand...

Vibrant t-shirt

Go Beyond 4-Color Printing

The iColor® 540 features UniNet’s exclusive white toner formulation, giving you the brightest and most opaque white printing technology on the market today. Produce consistent, vibrant and crisp images for a wide variety of printing applications. Exclusive white overprint and underprint capabilities all in a single pass!


iColor® ProRIP Software

Increase performance and printing capabilities with the iColor® ProRIP Software. Users can manipulate the white layer behind graphics for printing on dark or transparent media. Perform advanced color management and customized print modes as well as color changes, image manipulation, and rasterization on the fly.

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Bring your prints to the next level

The iColor® 540 is like having a professional print shop on your desktop, incorporating professional quality image printing capabilities, as well as optional specialty toner upgrade kits such as dye sublimation, fluorescent, clear and security toners.

Dye Sublimation Toners


Enhance UniNet iColor® 560 with the optional iColor® Dye Sublimation Toner Kit.

Fluorescent Toners


Simply swap in the fluorescent cartridges and produce stunning fluorescent images.

Security Toners


Most commonly used with trade shows, concerts and events.

Bottles with GPI Transfer Prints

Overprinting AND Underprinting

The ability to print white as an underprint™ AND an overprint™ in the same machine, in one pass, using the IColor ProRIP software.The white opacity of UniNet’s unique blend of toner is double that of any other brand, giving you the brightest whites and solid background to bring out the vibrancy of your colors.

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Exclusive iColor® SmartCUT Software

The advanced, cutting-edge iColor SmartCUT Software is included with the basic package. This program permits oversized image or design manipulation for tabloid and greater.

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iColor 540 under the hood

The Definition of "Workhorse"

The true black cartridge is included with the printer, allowing you to switch to CMYK mode to print items such as brochures and menus when white is not needed. Optional dye sublimation, fluorescent, security and clear toner cartridge kits.Lowest cost and most flexible machine available.

No maintenance associated with ink based machine is necessary, the IColor 540 is a toner based system.

Pick Your Package

Go PRO with the Complete Package

Elements inside the complete 540 Package

With the iColor 540 Complete package you get:
iColor 560W Transfer Printer - 1 Year Warranty - Lifetime Support - Set of Transfer Toner CMYKW - 100 Sets of iColor 560 2 Step Transfer Paper 8.27 x 11.96 - 100 Sets of iColor 560 2 Step Transfer Paper 8.27 x 14 - 50pk of Propeel 1- Step Transfer Paper 8.5 x 11 - Hard Surface Transfer Paper bundle - Flock Sample Pack - White Toner Transfer Printer - Graphics Instructional Booklet - 50pk Premium Parchment release paper - 25pk Kraft Matte Release Sheets - 20pk Toner Wipes - Heat Sensitive Transfer Tape - Rotary Cutter

Vibrant Colors

Complex Design

High Detail

Bright Whites

What sets the iColor 540 Apart?

iColor 540

Learn more about the iColor 540

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iColor 540