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Direct to film printing offers incredible quality at an unbeatable price...

Lowest cost per print when compared with any other garment printing method

(.62x material cost per print for a full color solid 12" x 12" square with white base, media, ink, and powder included!)

Incredible texture, color quality, and durability.

(50+ wash lifespan with no special washing instructions, and a PMS true color matching system which produces breathtaking tone and vibrancy)

Revolutionary process and world class software tools make learning and building your business easy.

(Automated print/shake/bake system literally runs itself, and the built in cost analysis makes pricing easy.)

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Lowest Production Cost

At less than half the production cost of alternative methods, the return on investment is unreal.

Automated Printing Process

The integrated sensor systems save big on time and labor costs by making printing as easy as pressing go. No marrying, weeding, pretreating, or screen setup. Just print, cut, and press!

Built-in Quality Control

Automated maintenance prompts, static removal, and an integrated powder monitoring system ensure that your prints come out perfectly every time, avoiding expensive mistakes.


Don't settle for less. Learn what makes the DTF process so incredible.


Print stunning resolution, white over color prints in a single pass. The ultra wide color gamut means this printer can produce thousands of colors other printers just are not capable of. From neon greens to bright reds and pinks, take control of your image output.

 The Contour Cut workflow and integrated cutter allow for custom cutting patterns all from one interface. At an output of up to 44 Sq. Ft. per hour, and an average image cost of .62c per print, you will be printing faster and spending less than with DTG, White toner Transfer or Screen Printing!

The TPU (Thermoplastic Polyurethane) Powder is a major innovation in garment printing. It is a major contributor to the durability and stretchability. Shirts stay sharp and solid for over 50 washes with an unbelievable softness!



Convert your digital designs through this cutting-edge image processor. Incredible speeds, and a full suite of tools truly set this RIP apart. Change the white under base value, color adjustments, and build out presets to turbo charge your production flow!

• The full range of file compatibility as well as an integrated Adobe Engine and Filter allow for a complete understanding and processing of all file types.

• Advanced Color Management with 16 Channels to adjust rendering intents and Pure Hue

• Hot folders for one move drag and drop printing through pre-determined modes and settings.

FlexiDTF PRO Editor:

Create and edit artwork with this easy-to-use design software. The user interface is both intuitive and simplistic, perfect for first-time users and professionals alike.

• Pantone ® Engine, Worlflow and Certification tools for true color matching

• Thousands of preloaded color recognition systems and profiles to allow for accurate representations of any palette.

• One click white base tools, color replacement, and much more!

Mutoh Status Monitor (MSM):

Monitor and maintain the state of your DTF printer from this simple and smart interface.

 • The automated sleep mode and maintenance cycle which uses less than 2 ml of ink per cycle, will keep your machine ready to print at any moment.

• Integrated cleaning solution and easy one click initiation make upkeep a breeze.

• Scheduled maintenance prompts take the pain out of your maintenance work flow.


One of the major benefits of this system is the sophistication of its design. Years of development from Mutoh’s team of engineers has lead to various refinements which set this printer apart. Small features like color coding of parts, automated cutting features, a vacuum array to secure the print media, media sensors and guides, and much more add up to a pleasant machine to work with. The easy to change roll media comes in 24” and 13” widths to allow for a serious output of volume.

Automate the entire process with the Shaker and Dryer option. This machine is set up in line with your printer to powder and cure your images in one run, leaving them ready to cut up and press to your garments. The sensors in the unit will automatically regulate the speed of your media as it moves through the shaker and dryer and is eventually re-rolled. This keeps the unit on pace with your printer, so there is no need to stand by constantly toying with the speed. The unit also has a built in TPU powder scale, which prevents your prints from running through the oven if they have not been properly powdered, avoiding costly mistakes. The cool down station and re-roller finish off the unit for a truly automated process. All together, this system requires no babysitting, and is the most automated Direct to Film solution available.


Protect your investment with lifetime support! Our team of trained technicians is standing by whenever you need assistance with any part of your process. The knowledge and insight our team can provide is far and above the competition. Every technician is trained by the manufacturer, and uses the equipment daily. There is no problem we can’t help you solve. Sounds pretty good right? Well how about access to that support forever?

This system has been developed by Mutoh and STS Inks in order to bring the benefits of various specialists in the field to one comprehensive solution. That means super opaque and color accurate inks, dependable cutting edge technology, and continued support. Invest in a system that will last. Mutoh will continue to provide parts for this machine well into the future, guaranteeing that your machine holds its value and stays running for a long long time.

 Don’t like talking to people? We’ve got that covered too. The Flexi Rip software comes with an integrated Knowledge Base at your finger tips. Search key terms to find support articles and answer your questions immediately. You can take it further and build your knowledge with the extensive SAI video channel. The most essential component when investing into new equipment is support!

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You can also do direct to film printing with the Ricoh DTG printers?

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- GPI VJ-628D Direct to Film Printer
- DTF CMYKW 220ml Cartridges of DTF Ink
- 8 - Direct to Film 220ml Cart.- Cleaning Solution
- Inkjet Film-Cold Peel Single Sided Matte (roll)
- DTF-P-1 TPU Powder- Low Temp 225 F – 2 KG
- Flexi STS DTF Edition RIP

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- GPI VJ-628D Direct to Film Printer
- Direct to Film Printer Stand
- Direct to Film- High Capacity Feed System - Set of 4
- 1L DTF CMYKW Bags of DTF Ink
- 8 - Direct to Film 220ml Cart.- Cleaning Solution
- Inkjet Film-Cold Peel Single Sided Matte (roll)
- DTF-P-1 TPU Powder- Low Temp 225 F – 2 KG
- Flexi STS DTF Edition RIP

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- 24" Powder Shaker Pro + Heater
 - Includes Air Filter for Proper Ventilation
- MUT Direct to Film Stand
- Flexi DTF RIP Edition
- DTF High Capacity Ink Feed
- 1 Liter CMYKW Bag Set
- Cold Peel Single Sided Matte Film Roll
- 2 Kg Low Temp Powder
- DTF Cleaning Solution and swabs

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GPI is here to help you get started with DTF Printing today. Our support team is ready to help you purchase the right supplies, learn the industry standard practices & procedures, and succeed in your business goals.

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