STS Direct to Film Ink Cartridge 500ml



Color: Cyan

STS 500 ml Ink is meticulously manufactured in the USA to ensure safety and consistency in every batch. 

Compatible Printers VJ-628D, XPJ-1682D, 

Key Features:

  • Certified Non-Toxic and Environmentally Friendly: STS inks stand out from the competition with their certification as non-toxic and environmentally friendly, prioritizing safety for users and the environment.
  • Micro Bubble Elimination with STS Inks Degassing Technology: Our advanced degassing technology ensures the elimination of microbubbles, contributing to a smoother printing experience and impeccable results.
  • High Color Density, Wide Color Gamut, Outstanding Saturation: Experience vibrant and lifelike prints with STS inks, known for their high color density, wide color gamut, and outstanding color saturation.
  • Print Head Safe Encapsulated Resin + Nano Pigment: The formulation includes a print head safe encapsulated resin combined with nano pigments, enhancing the longevity and reliability of your printhead.
  • Great Wash Fastness: Enjoy prints that withstand washing with great wash fastness, ensuring the longevity of your printed materials.
  • Excellent Performance: STS inks deliver consistent and excellent performance across various printing applications, meeting the high standards of professional printing.
  • Consistent Color from Batch to Batch: Count on consistent color output from batch to batch, ensuring uniformity and reliability in your printing projects.
  • Manufactured in the USA: Our inks are proudly manufactured in the United States, adhering to strict quality control standards and supporting local production.
  • Available in CMYK and White: Explore a range of color options with STS inks, available in CMYK and White. Inquire about our additional color options to suit your specific needs.

Additionally, STS inks boast a 1-year shelf life and come with the added assurance of the STS printhead warranty. Simply follow our straightforward registration requirements to enjoy the benefits of this warranty. We also offer ICC profiles tailored for your printer, ensuring optimal color reproduction.

Instructions for the STS Direct to Film Ink Cartridge 500ml

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