Roland BOFA Air Filtration Unit, LEF2-200


Roland SKU: BOFA-Air-Filtration-Unit

Introducing the BOFA Air Filtration Unit, the perfect accessory for your Roland UV Printer, including the LEF2-200 model. This advanced air filtration system effectively removes airborne particles, fumes, and VOCs that can compromise the quality of your prints and your health.

The BOFA Air Filtration Unit is equipped with a highly efficient HEPA filter that captures particles as small as 0.3 microns with an efficiency of up to 99.997%. It also features an activated carbon filter that effectively absorbs harmful chemicals and odors, ensuring a clean and safe printing environment. The unit's compact design and quiet operation make it easy to use and fit in any space, while its intuitive control panel allows for effortless operation and monitoring of the air quality.

In addition to its exceptional air filtration performance, the BOFA Air Filtration Unit also comes with a sturdy stand that is specifically designed to support your Roland UV Printer, including the LEF2-200 model. The stand ensures that your printer remains stable and secure while in use, making it the perfect addition to your printing setup.

Investing in the BOFA Air Filtration Unit with Stand for your Roland UV Printer, including the LEF2-200 model, is a smart choice for anyone who values print quality and their health. Keep your printing environment clean and safe, and maintain the highest standards for your prints with this advanced air filtration system.