Mimaki CFX Series Wide Format Flatbed Cutting Plotter

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  • 1000 mm/s movement speed
  • 11-66 lbs. (5-30 kg) pressure
  • Up to 2.31” (54 mm) material thickness
  • Surface tracking for V-cut accuracy
  • Camera-guided backside cutting
  • Field-expandable tables: 8.3’ Wide x 4.25’, 10.5’ and 16.5’ Long
Size: CFX-2513 (100" x 51.2")


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Expandable High-Speed Cutting Plotter with Routing Support


The high-end flatbed cutting plotter CFX Series offers unparalleled speed and pressure, with the ability to mount up to four different tools simultaneously, significantly enhancing processing efficiency.

Available in various table sizes and with multiple tool options, the CFX Series can be expanded post-installation, ensuring long-term support for your business growth.

Highest cutting speed in its class

The cutting speed of the Mimaki CFX Series Wide Format Flatbed Cutting Plotter can reach up to 100 cm (39.4 in)/sec, making it ideal for high-end machines. This is approximately double the speed of our previous models, allowing you to quickly bring your ideas to life. 

Achieves a maximum cutting speed of 100 cm (39.4 in)/sec, which is suitable for high-end machines (approximately double that of our conventional machines).

Model Specifications:

CFX-2513 Effective cutting area: 2,540 x 1,300 mm (100.0 x 51.2")
CFX-2531 Effective cutting area: 2,540 x 3,190 mm (100.0 x 125.6")
CFX-2550 Effective cutting area: 2,540 x 5,080 mm (100.0 x 200.0")

New Features for the CFX Series

01: V-cut Function

The V-cut depth can be adjusted easily with one click. Triple cuts can be added with a single click, simplifying post-processing.

02: Edge Detection, Backside Cutting

Utilizes an optional camera for enhanced convenience during the cutting process.

03: Toggle Function

Allows continuous processing without time loss during material setting (supported on -2531 and -2550 sizes).

Toggle Function: Area 1, Area 2

CFX Series Line Up: 3 Table Sizes (Expandable After Installation)



Standard sign display size 4x8 board. Maximum cutting size: 1,300 mm x 2,540 mm (51.2" x 100.0")



Toggle cutting of 4x8 plates greatly improves processing efficiency. Maximum cutting size: 3,190 mm x 2,540 mm (125.6" x 100.0")



Ideal for processing sign banners and packages up to 5 meters long. Maximum cutting size: 5,080 mm x 2,540 mm (200.0" x 100.0")


The CFX Series cutting plotters represent the pinnacle of high-speed flatbed cutting technology. With an impressive movement speed of 1000mm/s, these plotters deliver exceptional precision and productivity. Capable of using four tools simultaneously and offering a high-pressure capacity of 66lbs (30kg), the CFX Series efficiently handles materials up to 2.3 inches (54mm) thick. Advanced features such as camera-guided backside mode ensure precise cutting and creasing, making them perfect for oversized sheets and intricate designs. The versatile and efficient CFX Series is the ultimate solution for your flatbed cutting needs.

Mimaki CFX Series Brochure

Mimaki CFX Series Specifications

Valid Range1,300 x 2,540 mm
(51.2 x 100.0 in)
3,190 x 2,540 mm
(125.6 x 100.0 in)
5,080 x 2,540 mm
(200.0 x 100.0 in)
Settable material size1,890 x 2,570 mm
(74.4 x 101.2 in)
3,780 x 2,570 mm
(148.8.4 x 101.2 in)
5,670 x 2,570 mm
(223.2 x 101.2 in)
Driving MethodX/Y axis:AC servo motor Z/Θ axis:DC servo motor
CommandMGL-3C (HPGL standard)
InterfaceRS-232C, Ethernet
Safety standardVCCI-class A, FCC-class A, CE Marking, CB Report (EN62368), UL62368-1, Machinery directive, RoHS, REACH
Accuracy guaranteed temperature20℃~25℃
Temperature gradient±10℃/h or less
Power Specifications200~240V single phase 50/60Hz 12A or less
Power consumption (max)CFX unit:3000W or less
Dimensions (W×D×H)4,050x2,150x1,500 mm
(159.4x84.6x59.1 in)
4,050x4,050x1,500 mm
(159.4x159.4x59.1 in)
4,050x5,950x1,500 mm
(159.4x234.3x59.1 in)
Weight440 kg (970.0 lb)660 kg (1455.1 lb)880 kg (1940.1 lb)


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