Maintenance Station Gasket and Screws Ricoh Ri3000 Ri6000

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This is the Gasket and two screws for the Maintenance Station on your Ricoh Ri3000, Ri6000 and will work on the newer Anajet mPower MP5i and MP10i.  You need the two screws because they are sealing screws with a rubber o-ring.  You need one of these Sets per print head on your capping station

Gasket - Anajet Part 150981-002

Gasket - Ricoh Part J0974129

Screw - Anajet Part 150889-001

Screw - Ricoh Part J0974115

You might have the "old" gaskets which are larger.  This means you might need to buy the newer retainer also.  So if your gaskets look bigger, like the ones on the left, get newer retainer also

anajet ricoh older gasket