Liter Pretreatment For Dark Shirts


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This 1 Liter (32oz) bottle of Pretreatment is a non-toxic spray that needs to be applied to the garment before printing white or color ink on dark garments. Whether you have a Fast T-Jet, Flexi-Jet, AnaJet, Veloci-Jet or any DTG type garment printer, your white and color printing on dark garments will POP with vibrancy.


All Direct to Garment Printers that print white ink on dark garments require some sort of garment pretreatment. Usually the pretreatment is a spray and you spray the shirt and hit it with a heat press. This lays down all the fibers, giving you a nice, smooth garment to print. The pretreatment also helps ink to adhere to the garment, giving you a more vibrant final print and little or no fibrillation (small fibers sticking up out of the ink)

LEARN HOW TO USE DARK SHIRT PRETREATMENT on dark shirt with a spray gun and roller or brush. Proper technique is crucial in getting good dark shirt printers.

Pretreatment Consumption Numbers - How long will a gallon last?

WARNING - This widely used pretreatment can possibly STAIN certian color shirts. The colors are Red, Orange and Pinks. It's not all the time or certian brands or even different batches. It's a known issue and since it doesnt happen all the time on even the same brands and products, there has not been a solution to this. It's frustrating I know, but before you print on these color shirts, please test one with the pretreatment before you pretreat them all.