Propeel Temporary Tattoo | Transfer Paper | 10pk

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Create your own temporary tattoos that last up to two weeks, using your iColor white toner laser transfer printer or OkiData laser transfer printer.

You can create and transfer high-quality, temporary tattoos onto a variety of skin tones, thanks to the adjustable white OVERPRINT layer when printing from the iColor Transfer RIP Software. The Propeel 2-Step Tattoo transfer media is a weed-free system, allowing for quick and easy tattoo application which lasts up to 2 weeks!!

Using the Propeel temporary tattoo paper and transfer adhesive sheets you can create durable, colorful, temporary tattoos for everything from birthday parties, company functions, branding, Tattoo shop samples and the list goes on and on. These Tattoos are water-resistant, yet easily removable with baby oil. These Tattoos look like the real thing and are 100 times better than inkjet or any paper you could buy at Staples. There is good money to be made in creating custom Tattoos. Offer the service of creating a temporary tattoo before someone actually gets the REAL tattoo. This allows someone to "try on" the tattoo before going under the needle. There's some real money to be made with this product, the possibilities are endless.

Each pack contains 10 Tattoo papers and 10 Adhesive sheets


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