Propeel Cold Peel | DTF Heat Transfer Film


Garment Printer Ink SKU: propeel-coldpeel-13x328

13" x 328'
24" x 328'

Propeel's Cold Peel DTF Heat Transfer Film

If you're going to print it you want it to last, we get it. 

That's why Propeel Cold Peel is used across the industry by professional shops looking for the most reliable and highest quality direct to film paper.

Perfect for production workflow environments where peeling after cooling is desired

Ideal for challenging fabric types: (tarpaulins, canvas, flannel, coated materials, and delicate textiles)

Try it for yourself and find out why its the industries most reliable and highest performing direct to film paper!


  • 🌟 Ideal for delicate fabrics like tarpaulins and coated materials
  • 🧥 Gives fabrics time to restore properties for superior adhesion and a flawless finish
  • 🎨 Perfect for rough-textured fabrics like canvas and cozy flannel
  • 💪 Enhances the durability and quality of your designs
  • 🔥 Compatible with a wide range of DTF Systems

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Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. What is cold peel transfer?

    Cold peel transfer refers to a heat transfer process where the transfer paper or film is allowed to cool completely before it is peeled away from the substrate. This process often results in a glossy finish on the printed design.

  2. How does cold peel differ from hot peel?

    While hot peel requires the transfer paper or film to be removed immediately after pressing while still hot, cold peel necessitates waiting until the material has cooled down before removing the transfer paper. The choice between hot and cold peel often depends on the desired finish and the material being printed on.

  3. Why would I use cold peel over hot peel?

    Cold peel transfers tend to offer a smoother and glossier finish compared to hot peel. Some designs or fabrics may also require cold peel for better durability and longevity of the print.