Veloci-Jet XL ® Garment Printer Review

Veloci-Jet XL ® Garment Printer Review

Dean Armando

Veloci-Jet Garment Printer Review


The Veloci-Jet XL digital garment printer is assembled in the U.S., sold, and supported by EquipmentZone. It has a large 13″ x 24″ print area, a little “longer” than usual. We don’t have physical size and weight but it is obviously designed for heavy-duty operation.

It comes with RIP software and a number of handy graphics program aids (EZ Artist), primarily in the form of Photoshop plugins.

It uses bulk (bottle) ink, which reduces ink cost when compared to sealed cartridge systems. Print head height automatically adjusts up to about 6.5 inches, which allows printing on extremely thick items. Print speed is faster and operating costs are somewhat cheaper than with some competing machines.

The company also sells a SpeedTreater which automates and speeds up the pretreatment of dark shirts.

18 months limited warranty and 18 months free support. After 18 months, support plans are available at extra cost. User reports regarding the machine and EquipmentZone support are generally very positive.

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