MelcoJet G2 Garment Printer Review

Dean Armando

Melco G2 Garment Printer


Easy Ten Minute Maintenance!

The all new MelcoJet G2 will run for thousands of high-output production hours. With a simple ten minute daily maintenance procedure, your machine will operate at peak performance, producing consistent high-quality prints.
We all need a vacation. When it's time to close up shop for a few days, your MelcoJet G2 can sit idle and be ready to get back to work when you are.


Feature Set:

  • Print on light cotton, dark cotton and cotton blend fabric.

  • Print on light colored polyester fabric.

  • Print on a wide variety of products, not just t-shirts.

  • High resolution photo-quality prints at 1440dpi.

  • Easy to learn and use MelcoRIP software.

  • Large 16.5” x 23.6” print area.