Cleaning the Waste Ink Tank Melco G2


The Waste Ink Tank holds ink and cleaning solution that has been purged from the Ink Delivery System during cleaning cycles. The Waste Ink tank must be emptied periodically to avoid overflow or any time the machine is moved to a new location. The printer automatically estimates the amount of ink in the Waste Ink Tank by keeping track of the number of cleaning cycles that are completed as well as the type of cleaning cycle performed. By comparing the estimated ink consumption used during cleaning cycles and comparing that value to the Waste Ink Tank capacity the printer will periodically display that the waste ink tank is full.

  1. Power down the printer.
  2. Slowly remove the tank from the printer to avoid spilling the contents.
  3. Properly dispose of the waste ink and cleaning solution that is in the tank.
  4. Use the chip re-setter to reset the chip on the Waste Ink Tank (this is done in exactly the same way as resetting the ink chip counter on an ink cartridge.
  5. Replace the empty tank into the printer.
  6. Power up the printer.

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