Osman Bayrak


  1. Check to see if the garment has caught any part of the chassis, causing a stoppage. Any restrictive movement of the X or Y Axis will cause the Pantograph or the X Carriage to UNLOCK as if the motors are turned off. This is a built-in safeguard of the Software, to protect the operator and the EMC 10 from any harm, and damage to the machine.
  2. If the garment did restrict the X or Y movement the results may be a Bird's Nest at the Hook Area which may cause a Z time out error.
  3. Press the Stop Key and if the EMC 10 does not respond, turn off the EMC 10, wait 20 seconds and turn on. If there is no thread in the Hook Assembly or there was no Z time out error, then do a Power Fail Rescue to see if you can recover the Design. Check the Operator's Manual in Home Menu section.
  4. If the problem persists and there doesn't seem to be a reason for the Pantograph to stop and unlock, Power Off the EMC 10, remove the Keyboard cover assembly located at the right side rear, and check the Y motor connectors and all Y motor Wiring, use the Parts Manual to see what the wiring to the Y motor resembles.
  5. Remove the left cover from the X Motor at the left end of the black pantograph bar. Check the X-Drive Harness which is connected to the X-Motor, for connectivity, cleanliness or damage. This cable supplies the X-Motor with power and the input to produce the X movement or Carriage movement. The X Phase of the 4 Axis PCB supplies the inputs to the X-Motor that produces the X-Axis movement.
  6. Check the Black & White braided cable under the long gray cover on the left side of the machine for pinches or scrapes through the insulation on the X Flex Harness (Black & White braided cable).