DTG Viper with a finished print

DTG Viper Garment Printer Review

Paul Boody

DTG Garment Printer Reviews

The DTG Viper Garment Printer is a 17" inch wide printer that incorporates the patent pending WIMS (white ink management system) and pressurized constant ink feed re-circulation system that is a complete innovation of garment printers worldwide.

The WIMS system offers a manageable white ink production process that delivers superior detail, vibrancy and a level of consistency unheard of in other direct to garment printers.

The DTG brand is globally well known as a true innovator in the garment decorating industry and the new DTG viper will reinforce that reputation ever more. The DTG Viper ink-jet garment printer is the culmination of 4 years of ongoing research and development and it was designed to meet the needs of all embroiderers, screen-printers, color studios, kiosk operators and garment decorators world wide

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