Cleaning the Encoder Strip on a Fast T-Jet Garment Printer

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Cleaning the Encoder Strip on a Fast T-Jet Garment Printer Learn how to clean the encoder strip on the Fast TJet Garment Printer.  If you need to buy an Encoder Strip you can look at our selection of garment printer encoder strips.  

Replacing the Print Head on a T-Jet Blazer


Learn how to Replace the Print Head on a T-Jet Blazer. Buy Ink for you Fast T-Jet Blazer.

Fast T-Jet Garment Printer Review

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 The T-JET® Blazer has two models, and the Blazer Express is a compact tabletop unit ideal for printing on various items like garments, towels, and bags. It can handle image sizes up to 16.5" x 20" and suits both small and large printing jobs. The printer uses four color plus white (CMYK+W) inkjet technology, giving vibrant prints at a cost of less than 40 cents per shirt.

Fast T-Jet Invalid Ink Cartridge

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ANSWER: When that message is showing and the levers are down hit the pause button once quickly and just wait! If the resetter is not getting a green light you will need to reset the chip until it does. If it won't reset, one possiblity is to clean the chip with a pencil eraser. The chips can be damaged by static so make sure to ground yourself before resetting them.. Also if the cartridge is not sitting perfectly in the slot so that the chip aligns with the pins, gently move it until the square is solid on the printer display and slowly lower the levers while holding it in place.