VIDEO Performing a nozzle check on the Anajet Mpower


Now that the lines have been filled with ink you will need to perform a Nozzle Check. First we need to set the table height by pressing the <AnaJet> button. This will lower the table, move it into the printer and raise it until it triggers the obstruction sensor laser. It then slightly lowers the table to set the correct printing height

To print a Nozzle Check press the <NOZ CH> button. Position a sheet of letter sized paper on the lower right corner of the print table as shown on the display, (Note that the print table edge closest to you is the top and therefore the preview on the display will appear rotated 180) and press the green <PRINT CHECK> button. The print table will now move in and print the nozzle check. If you have an mPower 5 you will see one block of each of your colors printed on the paper and one block from each of the whites printed on the table (See Figure 2.7-1 below). If you have an mPower 10 you will see two blocks of each color printed on the paper and four blocks of white printed on the table.

If the Nozzle Check Pattern looks good then you are finished with the initial printer setup. If it does not you will to do a print head clean. This process is not uncommon when first filling the printer with ink.

nozzle check anajet

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