Table Motor Belt Tension Adjustment


2.3 - Table Motor Belt Tension Adjustment

Tools Needed

  • 3/8th ratchet wrench
  • Gates Tension Meter
  • 3/32 Phillips screw driver
  • 7/16 ratchet wrench

(1) The best way to adjust the tension in the Table motor belt is to remove the entire table guide assembly from the printer. Before starting power down the printer. To remove the table guide assembly, we must first unplug the cables connected to the table board. See photo 2.3-1 below.

Motor Belt Tension Pic 1

(2) Once the cables have been unplugged from the table board, we can now start removing the 8 hex screws holding the table guide assembly in place. Use a 3/8 ratchet wrench to remove the 8 screws. See Photo 2.3-2 and Photo 2.3-3 below.

Motor Belt Tension Pic 2

Motor Belt Tension Pic 3

You will now be able to remove the entire table guide assembly. We recommended using 2 people to remove the assembly from the printer and place it on a separate table. Your printer should now look like this:

Motor Belt Tension Pic 4

(3) To adjust the tension on the Motor belt, we must first loosen the Table Belt. Begin by removing the 3 Phillips screws located underneath the table assembly. See Photo 2.3-5. When the 3 Phillips screws are removed, you can now remove the front table cover.

Motor Belt Tension Pic 5

(4) Remove the Two 10-32 screws (use a 11/32 ratchet wrench) and two 8-32 nuts (use 10/32 Allen key / T handle) from the pleated screen mount and slide the pleated screen back to reveal the table belt tensionor. See Photo 2.3-6 below.

Motor Belt Tension Pic 6

(5) Loosen the table belt bracket nuts (use a 3/8 ratchet wrench). Loosening the adjustment nut on the threaded rod (use a 7/16 ratchet wrench). See Photo 2.3.7.

Motor Belt Tension Pic 7

(6) Loosen the three nuts holding the pulley bracket.

Motor Belt Tension Pic 8

(7) With the pulley bracket loose, you can now adjust the tension by moving the pulley bracket toward or back until the required tension is achieved. Once adjusted, tighten the screws back to hold down the pulley bracket in place and measure the tension using a Gates belt tension metter. The specifications for the table motor belt are below.

Mass (M) 001.4 g/m
With (W) 009.0 mm/r
Span (S) 0047 mm

The correct tension for the table motor belt is 9 to 12 n (32 to 43 ozf). Measurements should be made at several positions of the pulley to account for any eccentricity.

Please note: When adjusting the tension on the table motor belt, you will also have to re-tension the table belt again. 

(8) Retighten all screws and reverse these steps to place back your table assembly into your printer. Don't forget to re plug all cables back to the table board.


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