Network connection setup on the Anajet Mpower Printer


You can also set up your Network Connection through your Printer Settings menu. To adjust your network settings, select Network tab in the Settings Menu. You will have the option of setting your Ethernet Mode to Dynamic, or Static.

You can change this option using the drop down arrow.

Static: Static IP address is used when the router has reserved a specific address for the printer. This allows printer to maintain a constant connection with router.

Dynamic: IP address is assigned by the router randomly whenever the printer has been disconnected from the network for a certain duration of time. By default the printer is set to Dynamic.

If you would like to setup a static IP, this can be done through the computer. Go to your Start/Windows icon and click on Accessories followed by Run, the type in “command” and press enter. In the prompt type in “ipconfig/all”. Scroll up to see the subnet mask and gateway addresses. Press enter on modes until static is displayed Static IP:

(192.168.x.x ) IP address of the printer should match the gateway except for the last two sets of digits and not be used by another networked device. Subnet mask: (255.255.x.x ), determined by the router Gateway: (192.168.x.x), determine by the router. Once this is complete you can now set the Static IP in your printers control panel. Select the digit you wish to edit. When finished press <Apply>

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