Propeel 2 Step Transfer Paper for Dark and Light Textiles


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A4 8.27 x 11.69
XL 8.27 x 17
A3 11.7 x 16.5

Propeel 2-Step Transfer paper for darks and lights 

(This product includes both A sheet and B sheet paper)

  • SAVE up to a minute per transfer (this is huge)
  • More stretchable than any other transfer paper on the market
  • The easiest peeling transfer of all (no lost letters or design elements)
  • Matte finish so it eliminates need for the finish press
  • Can be used in the iColor 550 MPT Tray without scratching
  • Compatible with the iColor 550 and 560

This is a huge advancement in Transfer printing.  People wanted more vivid colors, better breathability and stretchability, Shorter peel and transfer times and a paper that doesnt leave any of the design on the paper and puts it all on the garment.  This is it folks.  Propeel is a commercial level transfer paper for white toner printers and better than any other paper on the market AND less expensive.  Incredible, I know.  Try it and you will LOVE it.

Download Propeel Instructions Here