DTG MAGIC Clog Cleaner for EPSON Print Heads


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Field Kit

Specially formulated clog cleaning solution for EPSON Print heads.

Every type of print heads is unique. Some allow stronger solutions than others and some require ingredients specific for their ink sets. DTG MAGIC Clog Cleaning Solution for EPSON Print heads has just the right formulation to break down ink while not damaging the internal components of the print head.


The DTG MAGIC Field Kit Includes:

  • 1000ml (Liter) of DTG MAGIC Clog Cleaner for EPSON Print Heads
  • 2 60ml Syringes
  • 5 Cone Tips
  • Tactical Field Pouch
  • Luer Lock syringe attachment for EPSON Print Heads
  • 2 Pairs of reusable nitrile powder-free gloves
  • 10 Lint free foam swabs
  • 10 Lint free tear drop foam swabs
  • 10 Lint free cloth wipes
Unclogs Blocked Epson Print Heads Quickly and Easily.

Safety notes
  • Keep out of the reach of children
  • Eye protection is recommended during use
  • Wear protective gloves (included)

*The DTG MAGIC CLOG CLEANING SOLUTION works in 90% of cases and comes with troubleshooting notes.  We will not accept liability for losses or damages that occur during or as a result of using the Cleaning Tools or Cleaning Solution supplied.