Optional Heat Press Shirt Platens


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Fusion Set of 3
Fusion 6 x 10
Fusion 8 x 10
Fusion 6 x 20
Fusion 7 Round
Fusion 11 x 15
Fusion Double Sleeve / Leg
Auto Clam Set of 3
Auto Clam 6 x 10
Auto Clam 8 x 10
Auto Clam 7 Round
Auto Clam 11 x 15
Auto Clam Double Sleeve/Leg
MAXX Clam Set of 3
MAXX Clam 6 x 10
MAXX Clam 8 x 10
MAXX Clam 7 Round
MAXX Clam 11 x 15
MAXX Clam Double Sleeve / Leg
4 x 4 Platen
Hat Bill Platen
Hotronix Shoe Platen
Can Cooler Platen

Heat print most sizes and shapes. Optional heat press platens are a must for any business using a heat press. Available for all Hotronix® heat presses, these interchangeable platens solve the problem of heat printing on awkward garments and bags, such as those with zippers, buttons, etc.

Available in four sizes.

7" Round Bagger
Personalize the ends of duffle bags, sides of gym bags, and backpacks.

8" x 10" Tote Master
Heat print onto totes and polypropylene shopping bags. Slide bag onto the platen for efficient heat printing on both sides.

6" x 10" Shortstop
Use for creating custom left chest logos without damaging seams, buttons, or zippers.

Best Value
Set of 3 (6"x 10", 8" x 10", 7" Round)

11" x 15" MVP
Our "Most Valuable Platen". Easily decorate youth and women’s size garments.

6" x 20" Sleeve/Leg
Decorate sleeves, pant legs, and youth size garments with ease.

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